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Maddie VIII

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Entered: 02/23/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 10
Color: Black/White
Weight: 53 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Short Pump, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from an inexpensive medication to assist with anxiety,
Health Cont.: treatment for a minor undercarriage infection complete, continuing a healthy weight loss
Temperament: Good with adults, has met children in public well, good with other dogs, unknown with cats

Maddie VIII's Story . . .

Update 03/20/2013:  "With more veggies and less kibble in her diet, she’s accomplishing a steady but healthful weight loss."
Like a vintage wine Miss Maddie continues to get better and better in foster care. With more veggies and less kibble in her diet, she’s accomplishing a steady but healthful weight loss. She even likes the veggies! She’s benefiting from the anxiety medication which helps her with car rides and when her foster parents are at work. She’s still being treated for her infection but it’s improving and should be behind her soon.

Maddie’s family is doing some basic training with her which she loves and she’s a fast learner. She knows “sit”, “stay” and “leave it.” Her family uses "leave it" for anything they want her to stop doing such as licking her paw after a recent blood test or letting go of tissues. She LOVES tissue paper! They are teaching her to "kitchen" which means leave the kitchen. They are also working on her recall. It’s not really needed since she likes to be right beside you, but it is always safe to have this command down! Her family has found that Maddie has a love of toys too………yeah!

Maddie is so great! She’ll do best in a home where she can receive LOTS of attention. In her foster home her parents work out of the home but on opposing shifts so someone is home with Maddie almost all day. She loves it. Maddie’s a true Velcro dog and wants to help with everything you are doing. If you’d like a mature and very personable companion to share chores and leisure time with in your home, ask about meeting Maddie. She’s aging in fine fashion!!!!!!!

Original:  "She loves to sniff out things!"

Maddie is quickly endearing herself to all since coming into foster care. She has the most precious face and, you just know, under that extra weight, she has the perfect figure to be a petite little girl! A true Velcro dog, she always wants to be by your side. She has quickly bonded with her foster parents and has met many people while shopping at a pet store. When meeting a baby there, Maddie was instantly IN LOVE! She does great with all ages and will continue to socialize.

This gal is also great with other dogs. Besides her normal walks and interactions with her family, a dog walker takes Maddie to the park twice a week with two other dogs and she has a blast!

Her family is working on some separation anxiety issues with Maddie; it's hoped that this will clear with time or an inexpensive medication. She's not a fan of car rides but, again, her family is trying to assure her that the car takes you to great the park!

Maddie has a good start on basic manners but is working on others. She is housetrained but her family is still learning her signal. Panting seems to be the answer when her family is in another room but, if they are near doors, she will go straight for a door. Good girl!! She has free run of the house and does just fine......maybe because her favorite spot is a leather recliner that her foster daddy sits on too. At night, she would prefer to be in the "big bed" all cozy and close but she's being encouraging to sleep in her own bed.

Leash training is ongoing as Maddie does like to pull. Perhaps with many years of leading a fairly sedate life, she?s just excited to be going places. She greets everyone along her walks with a gentle "Hi! Pet me!"

Maddie's nose is really starting to take off. She's emerging as an avid squirrel smeller! Her nose also likes to get her in trouble with the trash and any other bag you have around. She loves to sniff out things!

Maddie's vet visit went well. She has a slight undercarriage infection which should be cleared in the next few weeks with a simple antibiotic. She is also on a new eating plan and workout schedule to lose some extra pounds. She did fantastic with recent grooming, including nails and a haircut!

Maddie came into MAESSR's care upon the death of her life-long owner in Pennsylvania. With some good basic training and some weight loss, Maddie will be a great companion for another family. Even at 10 years, she still has a TON of spring left!!!! No doubt, this happy girl has a long fruitful life ahead of her! Stay tuned as more is learned about Maddie and her new adventures!