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Luna 4

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Entered: 10/26/2016
Status: Adopted
Age: 1
Color: Black/White/Tan
Weight: 38 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Galloway, NJ
Health: UTD, HW-, overall good health
Temperament: Shy when meeting people, unknown with children, good with other dogs, unknown with cats

Luna 4's Story . . .

Update 12/20/2016:   “Since she thinks she’s a lap dog, she greeted a Thanksgiving visitor by curling up in the chair with him and resting her head on his shoulder.”
The beautiful Miss Luna continues to develop, and her personality is evolving in her foster home.  She still has a great deal of puppy energy and is very smart.  Luna is much better about facing and going past the “scary” gate.  When she is stubborn, her foster mom gets her leash and, with tons of happy praise, this beauty will come and walk where her person wants.  She runs and jumps and dances and is such a happy girl although she will still show her timid side and roll on her back when frightened.

Luna now has run of the downstairs and has caused no damage at all.  Possibly her foster brothers keep her company and out of trouble.   She is really not wise in the world of dog communication.  She goes right up to those boys and puts her face in their faces even when they have a bone.   She plays with “the guys” by grabbing their back legs and thinks it’s fun to roll and squish the dachshund.  He is not so amused and growls and lunges at her, and she runs for her life.  Although she is very rough with her new sibs, she is responding to a correction of “no” and a shake from a can of coins.

The princess of the house is very grabby for food but has learned to sit and take her cookie easily and shows no guarding behavior; her foster mom has been able to remove bones, plastic and shredded toys from her mouth with no resistance.  She does eat quickly and act ravenous.

Luna is adjusting to new people much more easily.  Since she thinks she’s a lap dog, she greeted a Thanksgiving visitor by curling up in the chair with him and resting her head on his shoulder.

The new girl in town is truly a love of a pup who continues to need firm, consistent training.  She so wants to be a good girl…but just doesn’t understand how to do it.  She needs a family who will give her plenty of exercise, perhaps some four-legged friends, and continue the patient instruction that is helping her face new situations with confidence.

“This Jersey girl is really a tomboy who just wants to play; she wears all her foster brothers out and still wants to go.”

Luna is a super sweet young lady who is almost one year old.  Her New Jersey family was having financial difficulties and turned this love into a shelter who quickly called MAESSR for help.
This Jersey girl is really a tomboy who just wants to play; she wears all her foster brothers out and still wants to go.   But, she is slowly learning when enough is enough, and the guys are teaching her to not play so rough.  Each passing day she is taking their lead and understanding when it is time to play and when it is time to rest. She loves to chew on the hard marrow bone and her benebone.  Both keep her occupied for long periods of time.​
Luna does seem very timid when meeting new people and tries to flee from them at first.  Her foster mom is working with her to realize that new people and adventures are good.  Also, for the first week in her new home, the lovely lady was hesitant to walk into any room separated by a gate.  Her foster Mom patiently got her leash--Luna was happy to see that!   Once on the leash she happily followed past the gate.   After a week Luna  understands that she needs to go past the gate to eat separately and to stay for the day while Mom is at work.  She is jubilant at meal time and since her foster brother offers to go in the sun room with her each day, she is now confident about going in past that wicked gate—we all have our quirks!!
The new girl in the home is housetrained and trustworthy for up to six hours.  She knows “sit,” “stay,” and “come.”   “Come” is her weakest command, especially if she is unsure of something toward which she is being called.  She’ll quickly learn more as MAESSR only places puppies in homes that are committed to training and bonding with the pup in obedience classes. Puppies require a lot of care, attention, and patience, and they do chew on things! The decision to get a puppy and raise it to be a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted dog is a serious commitment. To reinforce this commitment, MAESSR requires all adopters of dogs one year old and younger to enroll their puppy in obedience classes within 60 days of adoption.
Luna will do best in a home where she will get tons of exercise and consistent patient guidance to make her the great dog she wants to be.  She will also need a family willing to patiently work on introducing her to new people and situations to build her confidence.   A full moon comes every month; with this lively little girl, you can have your own “Luna” all the time!