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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Levi 4

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Entered: 10/03/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Color: Liver/White/Tan
Weight: 40.6 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Goochland, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for a urinary tract infection complete, benefiting from an inexpensive
Health Cont.: medication for anxiety
Temperament: Good with people as young as 10, growing comfort with other dogs, alert but manageable around cats

Levi 4's Story . . .

Update 01/11/2015: 
Levi now plays with his foster mom and dad.  This super handsome fellow is such a sweet, loving boy.”

Levi was adopted by a family but returned due to his anxiety over new people and new situations.  At that time, he was moved to a different foster home whose people had more experience working with dogs with anxiety.  Poor Levi…the first week in his new foster home was totally overwhelming for him.  He met so many other dogs and new people. 
His foster mom took this young man to her vet, and he was started on medication for anxiety.  The medication has made a tremendous difference in Levi's outlook on life.  He is now accepting of new people and other dogs and is not scared of everything.  His adoptive home will be required to keep him on this medication for a minimum of six months.  After that time, he can be weaned from it if his forever family feels the med is no longer necessary. 
Levi now plays with his foster mom and dad.  This super handsome fellow is such a sweet, loving boy.  His foster mom is sure whoever adopts him will be getting a treasure!  Valentine’s Day, Easter, and spring are ahead of us, and Levi is ready to enjoy all the fun and outdoor activities coming up.

Update 11/05/2014:  “And, when his people messed up and left the gate open once, Levi made his way upstairs and was found simply staring up at the kitty, who was staring back down  at him from the top of a bed……….a very good outcome for all.“

With outings or new experiences weekly, Levi’s making gains with his overall socialization.  Along with settling into his new routine, he’s revisited the vet’s office, hiked a woodland trail, stopped by the local shelter to meet cats, and accepted a house guest and her kitty to his foster home. 

Levi’s favorite outing has been a visit to a state park for hiking.   A lakeside trail there, abundant with wildlife and water fowl scents, kicked his nose into overdrive for a few hours.  He sucked in smells among the grasses, rocks and reeds.  He had no qualms about stepping into the lake and swam little loops at the end of his leash to be sure he wasn’t missing anything.   He kept his foster mom moving and worked at the end of his leash, but he was pleasantly manageable.  His pace wasn’t that of a stroll but he didn’t strain to pull either.   He was a delight to be out with and so fun to see doing what he was bred to do!

Another outing for Levi was planned to expose him to more indoor situations.  For this, he revisited his vet’s waiting room.  His first visit there had resulted in a lot of worry for Levi, a lot of barking and a lot of dancing around on his leash.  This time he was on alert but noticeably more at ease.  He sat or stood on a short leash and watched a number of people come and go with their pets for 15-20 minutes.    With each new arrival, he barked briefly but he would calm with a few words and extra petting.  It’s anticipated that more short exposures like this will help Levi toward full enjoyment of being out in public.  For now, his progress is showing.

Since Levi’s foster family anticipated house guests that included a kitty, learning about his potential reaction to felines went to the top of the “to do” list.  For the purpose of meeting his first cats in foster care, Levi visited the local shelter.  There are 5 resident cats there who roam the property.  Needless to say, they’re very dog-savvy and rarely run.  One often will go up to a new dog, regardless of the dog’s demeanor, to say “hi.”  That didn’t happen for Levi but he was nicely responsive while sharing the area with them.  He alerted and barked but wasn’t at the end of his leash and pulling like a freight train.  He walked for 15-20 minutes, passing the cats from various distances and directions.  When he began to bark, he could be redirected and would walk away……….good boy! 

He also visited the cat room but only stood at the end of its long corridor.  As with outdoors, there was some barking and he was on full alert but not lunging.  The staff folks working in the cat room took time to meet him which effectively distracted him and, after 15 minutes there, he peacefully left.

When the visiting kitty arrived in his foster home, Levi was gated on the first floor.  The kitty was gated on the second floor.  It’s clear these two could smell each other’s presence but they weren’t introduced.  Though understandably alert, Levi has made no effort to top the gate or hang out around it.  And, when his people messed up and left the gate open once, Levi made his way upstairs and was found simply staring up at the kitty, who was staring back down  at him from the top of a bed……….a very good outcome for all.

Levi’s doing increasingly well with new faces, scenes and opportunities. Further gains will come.   Life is good for Levi and will only get better when he has an adopting family to continue the work that’s started in foster care.  If you’re looking for a smart, handsome, and classic young springer to work with, ask about Levi.  He’s a terrific boy!!

Original:  Kisses?  Levi gives the best!

Levi is a wholesome and very handsome youth who got his start with a loving family in West Virginia.   He shared time in the woods with them for recreation and their home with 2 elementary-aged children.  Only when a new baby arrived did Levi begin to show signs of jealousy.  Wanting the best for both their young dog and the newborn, his family chose rescue for help in finding Levi a new home.  Toward a good match, Levi will be looking for a family without little people.
There’s a lot of puppy in young Levi.  Fun for him is chasing a squeaky ball, prancing from room to room with a soft toy, or snatching falling leaves before they hit the ground or creek.  He’ll plunge into water and come out with a mouth full of fall color if leaves are floating by.   Levi’s typically outdoors for at least an hour daily; sometimes it’s 3-4 hours.  From the fenced yard he can keep track of critters across the lane.  If horses approach, Levi barks to put them on notice but it’s the miniature pony that he watches most………..perhaps he’s mistaking it for a large dog!   True to his breed, Levi’s a birdy boy with his nose working the ground.  He delights in flushing anything…….from a single sparrow to a flock of pigeons.  At this point, Levi doesn’t distinguish between hunting off or on leash.  Though his foster mom rather admires his beautiful casting at the end of his leash, she is working to shape his leash manners.
By circumstance, Levi’s world is widening.  Learning to share a home with other dogs is coming along with encouragement and coaching from the 2 resident Springers.  They enjoy wrestling and a vigorous chase on cool days and welcome Levi to join in.  His hesitation is diminishing but, at times, he still barks at them to cease such play.  He’s also stepping out in public.  Visiting a quiet town park, an NPS visitor center with a great dog walk area, and a pet-friendly shopping venue have identified what Levi is comfortable with and what worries him.  Vehicle traffic doesn’t faze Levi but, sporadically, new people and other dogs prompt some serious barking.  This seems to stem from inexperience, rather than any aggression.  Some steps toward growing his confidence in new situations have started and should continue with his adopting family. 
Since leaving the busyness of his young family, Levi has adapted well to the routine of a quiet household.  He’s housetrained and doesn’t counter-surf.  With normal curiosity, he will sniff at trash or pick up a shoe that’s left handy but an “uh-uh” redirects him.  Levi’s crate-trained and always eager to go in for his meals and when his foster family is away from home.  He also rides very well in a crate when running errands around town.  At night he snoozes on a doggie bed in the bedroom with the rest of the family.   He’s not an early riser but puts his paws up to say “hi” and accept an invitation for cuddles when the alarm goes off……..very sweet!
Vetting went well for Levi with treatment for intestinal worms and minor yeast infections in his ears being the only “finds.”  He’s very patient with his daily ear care and licked up the last drop of his wormer.  Though not underweight, Levi is quite lean and will likely fill out to about 45 pounds over the coming months.  He loves the attention that goes with home grooming and jumps on the table at times before he’s asked ……:)).
Levi is a sweetheart with a great future.  He is more tuned to people than dogs, though he could likely be content with a soft, easy-going canine in his adopting home.  He could be happy in a rural setting with few demands for public outings but, with a commitment from his family to further his socialization, it’s expected that he could continue to grow into ease with a busier lifestyle.  Kisses?  Levi gives the best!  What better payback for the investment of your time and love??