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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Kirby 4

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Entered: 04/14/2015
Status: Adopted
Age: 10
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 58 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Dumfries, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from a medication to regulate liver enzymes, receives a daily vitamin
Health Cont.: supplement, has two fatty cysts which require no treatment at this time
Temperament: Good with adults and children over 8 years old who can respect the needs of an
Temp. Cont.: older dog, best as an only dog, unknown with cats

Kirby 4's Story . . .

Update 07/22/2015:  "Did I mention I have a tail?  A real tail that I can wag to show you how happy I am!!"

Hi all!!  Kirby here...
... and all set to celebrate the dog days of summer with you!  I am having such a good time in my foster home.  These folks understand that I just want to play ball and play ball and play ball.  They throw, I fetch and lay the ball down right at their feet so it’s easy for them to pick it up and throw again and again and again.
I am indeed a 10 year old senior citizen.  I need medication to maintain my liver enzyme levels.  I also have an additive put in my food; the folks think since they hide it with vanilla yogurt that I don’t know it’s there, but you can’t fool the Kirby!  They’re also giving me small meals to help keep my weight under control.  Don’t we all have that problem?  Treats and people food make up for my smaller meals.
I’m a lucky dog to go to this place they call “the farm” with my foster dad.  I really like just hanging out with him.  My foster brother and I do run around some and splash in the creek to keep cool.
They tell me during these here dog days (aren’t all days dog days?) one of you can adopt me without paying any fees.  So, get your treats, vanilla yogurt, and dog playing balls together and let the folks at MAESSR know that you want Kirby…that’s me!!  I would really prefer to be your only dog.  I want all that attention and all those games of fetch for myself!!
P.S.  Did I mention I have a tail?  A real tail that I can wag to show you how happy I am!!

Update 06/16/2015:  “This boy has lots of years left to be best friends with his new owner.”
Kirby continues to thrive in his foster home. This is one young 10 year old!  He loves to play fetch with a ball and all of his activity has helped him shed quite a few unnecessary pounds.  That’s got to make him feel great!  Kirby is in very good health for an older guy although he does require a daily medication to maintain optimal liver enzyme levels.  His new family will need to continue this regimen, which won’t be difficult since he eats the chewable pill right out of a hand along with a high value treat.
This good boy loves his walks and is not a leash-puller.  When wandering around the yard, he stays close by, even though there is no fence to contain him.  When called, he responds appropriately.  Inside the home, Kirby has no bad habits and can be left home alone for a long period of time without being crated.
At night he sleeps next to his foster parents’ bed.  When his people are home, Kirby is always lying by their side and will follow them up and down the stairs, worrying if he’s lost track of them in the house.  Kirby is thoughtful, however, and does not get under foot or trip up his people.
Kirby’s ideal home would be with adults or a family with older children.  His foster mom thinks it best that he be an only dog since Kirby likes to be top dog and would do better receiving all of the attention from his people. While he gets along with the dogs in his foster home, he doesn’t do well with aggressive dogs. 
His foster mom describes Kirby as a quiet fieldie with a long tail, a real gentleman, and a sweetie. This boy has lots of years left to be best friends with his new owner.

"He does not counter-surf, dig, chew inappropriately, or get on the furniture – what a delightful guest!”

Kirby lived his entire life with his owner in Virginia since he was a puppy.  Following his wife’s death, Kirby’s owner remarried and three new dogs entered the family.  This was a problem since Kirby was known to have issues getting along with other dogs, particularly males.  A woman’s dog, Kirby tends to attach himself to the female of the household. This became an issue when he began growling and instigating fights with the Jack Russell terrier that was new to the home.  Kirby’s behavior was upsetting to the family, which included four other dogs, so MAESSR was contacted to help Kirby find a new forever home.

This sweet boy is AKC registered and sports a long tail.  Although he’s 10 years old, he has a moderate energy level and enjoys running at his foster family’s farm.  The resident female gets along fine with Kirby although they do not play together.  He did, however, get into a skirmish with a visiting female Boston terrier.  It’s reported that he is good with children.

For an older gent, Kirby has minimal health issues.  His liver enzymes have been elevated for several years so he takes a medication to help regulate them.  He also has two fatty cysts on the right side of his body, one small and one larger, which are not a problem.  A vitamin supplement is part of his daily regimen to keep him spunky.  It’s recommended that he lose a little weight and Kirby has already dropped two pounds due to his increased activity level.

A perfect gentleman in the house, Kirby has no bad habits.  He does not counter-surf, dig, chew inappropriately, or get on the furniture – what a delightful guest!  At night he sleeps on a doggie bed in his foster parents’ bedroom.  When he needs to go out, Kirby circles his human as a signal. The only time he barks is when people come to the house but, once he is reassured that they are known by his foster parents, he is quiet and will stand or sit next to them.  Basic commands are known by Kirby as he had some training as a puppy.  Kirby is a Velcro boy who loves to stay close to his people. He does not require crating because he is trustworthy when left alone in the house.
One of Kirby’s greatest joys is fetching balls and returning them for another go ‘round.  In his former home he was allowed to jump into his family’s pool; an opportunity to swim would be a welcomed activity for him.  He doesn’t mind a bath and, although he’s not been to the groomer, giving him a trim is no problem.  When outside, Kirby can be off-lead because he stays close by and comes when called.  He walks well on a leash and does not seem interested in other dogs encountered along the way.  This good boy also rides well in the car.
Unlike many Springers, Kirby is not motivated by treats.  He doesn’t appear to guard his resources, aside from his foster mom – he just doesn’t care to see another dog receiving her attention.  He’s slowly warming up to his foster dad, however.  Although his former owners prepared and cooked his food citing a sensitive stomach, in his foster home he is fed dry dog food mixed with a little vanilla yogurt twice daily.  Taking pills is no problem for him – just put them into his mouth and he willingly swallows them.
Kirby is looking for a home where he can be the only dog.  He would be a good fit for a family or a single person.  This sweet boy just wants to be with his people and love them.  And, of course, he requires someone to entertain him with his biggest pleasure – a game of fetch!