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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 01/30/2019
Status: Adopted
Age: 4; born 05/12/2014
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 39 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: LaVale, MD
Health: UTD, HW-, gaining to a healthy weight, benefitting from anxiety medication
Temperament: Good with adults, not recommended for children, picky with other dogs, not good with cats

Khalessi's Story . . .

Original:  “She is a very energetic, athletic girl that loves to play fetch with a big red ball she found at her foster home. She will fetch the ball until her paws fall off!”

Khalessi became a MAESSR girl when her Pennsylvania owners died and she did not get along with another family member’s dog. She was then transferred from her first foster home to her current foster home when she wasn’t getting along with her foster siblings and tormented the resident cats. Khalessi is a head-strong and dominant girl who tends to be bossy with a need to be top dog.  Since entering her current foster home, she has been accepting of the other two dogs in her home. She does try to boss them around, but her foster parents are firm with their rules, and she is learning to accept she’s not the boss.

This beautiful young woman is an obedient girl with good house manners. She is housetrained and has her own “I need to potty” dance to signal she wants to go outside. She is fearful of the crate and is being introduced to it slowly to build her trust in it as a safe place. She currently has run of the house when her foster parents aren’t home. She does not get up on the furniture unless invited and understands when told “no”. At night she sleeps on the floor beside her foster parents’ bed or on the designated dog beds throughout the house. She is not destructive and has had no accidents since entering her foster home. If unwatched, she will counter-surf and is learning this isn’t something good girls do.

Khalessi has been previously trained and knows the commands “sit,” “stay,“ “drop it,” “come,” and “lie down.” She is excellent on leash and loves to go for walks. She does not pull and with continued training may do well off leash. Khalessi does not pay mind to the neighborhood dogs on her walks, but if they get too close, she does grumble a warning that she’s uncomfortable. She is a very energetic, athletic girl that loves to play fetch with a big red ball she found at her foster home. She will fetch the ball until her paws fall off!  She also enjoys playing with soft and squeaky toys.

Miss K. can be hand-shy and will flinch when her head is petted and and hang her head when someone reaches for her collar.  But, she really does LOVE attention and to be gently petted. She will stomp her paws or give her person a nudge when she wants to be loved on.

Khalessi received a glowing review at her vet appointment. She was well behaved and charmed all the staff. She has not been to the groomer, but bath time at her foster home went well. She is not fond of being bathed but accepted bath time with grace. She let her foster mom clean her ears without much fuss, and the vet reported she accepted having her nails cut.

This love’s foster parents are working on structure and boundaries to ensure Khalessi becomes the best dog she can be. When she’s ready, she is going to make her furever family very happy.  Keep watching for updates on this gal.