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Kelly 5

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Entered: 08/01/2015
Status: Adopted
Age: 10
Color: Liver/White Springer Mix
Weight: 66 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Altoona, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from an inexpensive additive to his food, overall good health
Temperament: Good with adults, has interacted appropriately with children on walks, overall good with dogs but
Temp. Cont.: will resource guard food and high value items, not good with cats

Video Link: Click here to see me in action! and here, too!

Kelly 5's Story . . .


Update 05/19/2016:  Kelly continues to enjoy his twice daily 1.5 miles walks.  He sets a good pace and leads the pack.” 

Kelly continues to do well in his foster home.  He and the much smaller Spanish Water Dog continue to be great pals, chasing and mouthing each other in play. 
The pair recently attended Springerfest in Langhorne.  Kelly had a wonderful time and came home with a purple loofah toy which he loves to play with and take outside.  During the four-hour drive each way, Mr. K was a great passenger; he didn't make a sound during the trip and slept most of the way.  When his tether somehow loosened up, he took advantage of the extra foot to move toward the rear of the car so he could sit and watch traffic out the back window for awhile. 
Kelly continues to enjoy his twice daily 1.5 miles walks.  He sets a good pace and leads the pack.  His foster mom was surprised when Kelly was reactive to motorcycles, a new behavior for him.  Fortunately, he has learned to handle them more calmly now that he knows that is what is expected of him.  He is such a smart boy and good listener! 
This fellow’s prey drive continues to be strong.  One exciting morning a cat was discovered in the fenced yard as the dogs were let outside.  Kelly’s foster mom flew down into the yard to pull Kelly away from the cat that was not quick enough to escape.  Kelly was grabbed by the collar and led back into the house as the totally frightened cat in panic got her head stuck in the chain link fence.  To make a long story short, that incident had a happy outcome.  Not so for the poor little possum who ventured into the yard late one night.  Oh, Kelly....
Another newly observed behavior…this big boy does not like bees and will spin and fly around trying to kill them. So far, he has been lucky and not been stung. 
One of his many positive traits surfaces when Kelly is in the house and becomes excited about critters outside; jumping on the screen door has not been an issue.  Good boy!  His foster mom sometimes closes the inside door to limit the barking as he is pretty adamant when he would like to go outside.  Sorry, not this time, Kelly....
So, would you like your yard rid of critters?  Squirrels, rabbits, possums and bees will not be bothering you once you adopt this handsome Springer wannabe.  Kelly would love to walk with you, learn from you, and keep your property cleared.  He’s a boy who will earn his keep as well as your love!

Update 04/12/2016:
“It warms his foster mom’s heart when he wags his tail and looks at her with those sweet brown eyes to say, ‘Thanks for the luvin’.’ ”

Kelly continues to be a happy and sweet boy, content in his daily life.  He thoroughly enjoys those days that he gets to go out in the yard for extended periods of time.  And those pesky squirrels, bunnies, and cats better steer clear when he is on patrol!  Kelly needs some supervision in the yard due to his affinity to dig in mulch in a couple favorite spots (usually when he is hot) or his enjoyment of eating sticks. Of course, Kelly loves when he gets to go for two daily walks instead of one.  A harness continues to be used to keep him from pulling slightly. He is handling reactive dogs with ease most of the time and listening appropriately when told to keep walking.  Whenever other walkers are encountered, he always approaches for attention.  He hasn’t quite gotten over the habit of jumping up on people, but at least is gentle when he does so.  Kelly is very observant on walks, managing to spot chicken bones, scraps of food, and whatever else he shouldn’t be grabbing along the way; his foster mom needs to be on her toes!  Often he is very good about dropping the item when prompted. 
His foster mom recently changed eating arrangements, putting Kelly in the same room as a resident dog that eats in her crate.  Kelly has handled this arrangement well and has not barked and lunged at the crate while the slower resident dog finishes her meal, as he did when he first arrived.  There was one occasion when he was eyeing the crate and started to hop, but Kelly stopped as soon as his foster mom redirected him.  Atta boy, Kelly!  He also waits until the resident male is done in the adjoining room to inspect his bowl for any leftovers.  Although Kelly is fed in a brake bowl, he still scarfs down his meals fairly quickly.  His foster mom has found that Kelly likes to go outside as soon as he finishes eating as nature seems to call quickly, so the change in arrangements has helped with that issue.  He is getting better at accepting treats as his foster mom has been giving them close-fisted to help him curb his enthusiasm.  Kelly continues to be good when given treats alongside the other dogs and sometimes has his crumbs stolen by his little buddy if he is not quick enough.   He slowly is becoming better about not guarding his toys from the other dogs.  He is fine about giving them up when his foster mom takes them away. 

Kelly enjoys being brushed.  He’s aware that his turn comes after the male resident dog is finished and is often waiting for his cue to come.  He is such a smart boy!  Although he is not keen on getting his front toenails clipped, an edible reinforcement gets the job done.  He is cooperative once in the tub for baths but does requires some enticement to hop in. 

Kelly continues to be in good health and is given pumpkin and yogurt with meals to help aid digestion.  He recently had a single episode of diarrhea during the night as a result of eating something which his foster mom thought was put out of reach – the drip pad from a package of steaks.  (Apparently it was calling his name.)  He was caught before he finished and did drop what he hadn’t yet eaten.  Good boy! 
While Kelly is enjoying his current life, he is very deserving of his own family where he can get more time and attention than what his foster mom can give with the current one person to four dog ratio. He really enjoys cuddling, being praised, and getting other one-on-one time.  It warms his foster mom’s heart when he wags his tail and looks at her with those sweet brown eyes to say, “Thanks for the luvin’.”

Update 03/13/2016:
  “He also likes laundry day when his foster mom strips her bed and pulls the comforter down to the bottom of the bed where he can curl up in all the soft layers.
Kelly is definitely enjoying the improved weather and is very happy to take extra daily walks.   When his foster mom stops because Kelly or another dog is pulling on the leash, he sometimes will back up a few steps to show he is ready to continue on even if he wasn’t the one pulling.  What a good boy, Kelly!  After taking an extra walk, Kelly and the resident dogs all take very long naps.  If only all the dogs were quiet sleepers like Kelly, their mom wouldn’t hear a peep for hours.
Mr. K continues to be a happy boy, always wagging his tail especially when he gets attention or praise.   He is a good listener, quickly comes in the house when called and generally responds well to correction.  Usually once he is told something is a no-no, he will correct his behavior.  Recently when his foster mom growled at him for digging in mulch and in the yard while she was distracted by her own yard work, Kelly took it in stride, wagging his tail as he was told the extra work he created was not appreciated.  So, Mr. Perfect he’s not, but this love comes pretty close.  And who can stay irritated looking into those shining brown eyes?
Kelly quickly latched on to a Kong football pulled from the spare toy box and enjoyed making it squeak.  He also likes laundry day when his foster mom strips her bed and pulls the comforter down to the bottom of the bed where he can curl up in all the soft layers.  During the last snow storm, Kelly showed that he loves to eat icicles and crunchy snow.  If left to his own devices, he would have continued to eat it all up.  Sorry, Kelly...not good for you!
This senior man continues to be in good health.  On one occasion his foster mom used ear drops when he started shaking his head, but nothing was there when his ears were cleaned.  Kelly hasn't been weighed, but a friend who hadn't seen him for awhile thought he looked slimmer.  This guy definitely sets the pace on walks but does start to slow down toward the end of the second half-hour walk.
The Irish eyes are smiling in this fellow’s face and, as spring comes to the Mid-Atlantic, he would absolutely love to have a home of his own.  Remember, Springer is just a state of mind, and Kelly can bring much love, fun, laughs, quiet naps and lively walks to you and your family.

Update 02/11/2016:
  Prompted by Kelly’s backward happy dance, amusement breaks out when his foster mom takes his bowl to the area where he eats.

Kelly continues to thrive and to be a pleasure to foster.  Things are pretty much status quo which means that he has been healthy, active, and a sweetie pie.  Kelly’s favorite pastime remains walking.  There have been a few brief periods when walks were not possible due to snow storms and rain.  Overall Kelly was able to handle this respite from exercise but was very happy to see the leash come off the hanger once again.  At times Kelly gets a little excited by barking/reactive dogs but will usually show self-control when told to keep on walking and moves closer to his foster mom for moral support.  One funny thing that Kelly sometimes does when excited is to go behind his foster mom and then try to walk between her legs.  “I don’t think so, Kelly...not gonna happen!”
With the winter weather, Kelly’s forays into the yard have been limited.  This has created some restlessness at times and may be the reason for a couple minor incidents.  The first was a brief escape from the yard.  When his foster mom opened the door to let the dogs out, she didn’t notice that the gate had blown open during the night.  Kelly had disappeared by the time she followed the last dog outside.  Fortunately he was only a few houses away and responded to frantic calls for him.  Good boy!!
On the second occasion, his foster mom found that, while she was gone for the afternoon, some loose wallpaper had been torn off the wall in a room in which Kelly was gated.  He has always been the perfect gentleman so this was completely out of character.  Now she makes sure that, no matter how cold out, walks are taken before she leaves and he is given a frozen peanut butter Kong to keep him happy.  Kelly was fine with that change!  Sometimes he gets a little overenthusiastic about going outside and may have to be told to sit before the back door is opened.  Several prompts may be required for his compliance on these occasions. It is so exciting to go outside and look for squirrels!

Prompted by Kelly’s backward happy dance, amusement breaks out when his foster mom takes his bowl to the area where he eats.  With guidance toward shaping his manners, Kelly knows that he has to sit for his meals...although he does display some slight impatience at times.  Occasionally he will start barking to let all know when he is done.  He quiets and lies down, waiting for his gate to be opened, when told to be patient or is ignored. 
A switch of dog food brands and an inexpensive additive has relieved Kelly of incidents of diarrhea.  With digestive issues behind him, Kelly’s feeling great and, though technically a senior, he’s very young at heart.  He’s handsome, funny, and will keep you on your toes!  With spring just around the corner, consider adding him as a partner for your walking regimen.  His enthusiasm can inspire you to get those steps in ...every time his leash comes off the hook!!

Update 01/05/2016:
“While Kelly is fully immersed in family life at his foster home, he would truly love a family of his very own.”
Not much is changing for Kelly after five months in foster care.  He is still sweet, smart, happy, as handsome as ever, and a pleasure to foster. He is enjoying daily walks with occasional breaks in routine when it rains.  He went walking recently when the temperature was in the teens and was as happy as a clam.  He still gets really excited at times when he sees cats or wild critters along the way.  Kelly still tries to grab things to eat as he walks and often drops whatever it is when prompted.  Not so with that slice of ham that was on top of a garbage bag he passed after Christmas.  While his foster mom was able to tear away the excess ham hanging out of his mouth, the rest of it was quickly chewed up.  Oh, happy boy!
Kelly is still using a slow bowl at meal time and gets a spoonful of yogurt and pumpkin to aid his digestion.  As long as he gets pumpkin, he does not have any incidents of diarrhea.  He is gated away from the other dogs due to minor food aggression but is able to take treats side-by-side without any issues.  The big boy still requires reminders to take treats nicely instead of grabbing them. Kelly could still stand to lose about three pounds, so his foster mom has cut back on his meals. 
At night Kelly has been sleeping on the pillow under the desk in the room next to his foster mom's bedroom. He has taken a liking to the new pillow which she put under there.  Sometimes he will go to bed earlier than his foster mom and will have to come downstairs for the final trip outside before bed.  If he is upstairs when everyone else goes up, he lets the other dogs know that he is not sharing that pillow!  They know to respect that possession is nine-tenths of the law.  Not a peep out of Kelly during the night, but he often starts quietly woofing in the morning if his foster mom isn't up when he thinks she should be.  If that doesn't work, it's up in bed with her! 
Kelly enjoys being brushed but needs a little persuasion to get his nails trimmed.  This boy stays nice and clean and isn't bathed as often as his foster siblings…and Kelly is okay with that!  He is not very enthused about baths and will try to jump out of the tub when bathing begins; his foster mom is wise to him!
There is occasional counter-surfing although there is not usually much out to tempt Kelly.  Sometimes the dish cloth turns up in other rooms, and recently the lid from an empty ice cream container made its way into the family room. Trash/wastepaper cans still remain inaccessible.  Santa brought Kelly’s foster mom an extra tall gate at Christmas so at least one dining room chair went back to the table!  That leaves two chairs backed up to the gate in the living room so Kelly can't jump over to access the wastepaper can in the dining room.  Out in the yard, Kelly did get informed that chewing and breaking branches on the pussy willow bush is not acceptable behavior! 
Kelly gets along with the resident dogs most of the time.  Lately, he has been sharing the dog pillow in front of a window with the senior female who generally ignores him.  Kelly and the young Spanish Water Dog are still chasing each other and playing together.  Christmas company was amused by Kelly having his mouth wrapped around her head when they were rough-housing.  Every once in a while either Kelly or the SWD needs to be told to tone it down, but Kelly is generally gentle with his little playmate. He has been fairly tolerant of the senior Springer who is losing his sight and hearing and can be a real curmudgeon. The two have occasional short little tiffs, but then are good friends a few minutes later.  Kelly will display minor resource guarding with his toys on occasion but is doing better.  Usually his foster mom just removes the item from the area.  
While Kelly is fully immersed in family life at his foster home, he would truly love a family of his very own. This sweet, happy boy is such a character!  Wouldn’t he make a great addition to your family? 

Update 12/01/2015:
“Even though I am quite content at my foster home, I am still anxious to get a family of my own.” 
MAESSR’s very special senior, Kelly 5, is hopeful that Santa can fill his Christmas wish this year…
Dear Santa,
I’ve been a very good boy this year. There have been a lot of changes for me with my owner moving into a retirement home and me going to two temporary fosters before coming to my final foster home. At first it was a little hard to adjust to all the changes, but I feel quite comfortable and very happy in my current situation. Even though I am quite content at my foster home, I am still anxious to get a family of my own. Every dog deserves to have their very own family to love. My foster mom is helping me write this letter as I am not a great typist. Here is what I am asking for, Santa:
  • The most important thing to me is to continue taking walks.  Boy, do I love my walks. I like to go at least once a day, walking about 1.5 miles each time. A nice harness and leash would do well for my walks.
  • Squeaky stuffed toys are also high on my list.  I like to carry them around, even take them outside. I’m getting better about bringing them back inside when I’m told. Sometimes I like to pull out the stuffing.
  •  I also like tennis balls, more so to break the seams than to run after them. Occasionally I like to fetch them.
  • Treats are also a favorite. You can’t go wrong there, Santa. I am still working on taking them more gently. Sometimes I forget……
  • A slow bowl for my meals would be great as I tend to eat quickly. I eat just about anything, even a spoonful of cold pumpkin with my breakfast and supper. I lick my bowl clean!
  • A nice comfy bed would be great when I need to re-energize after my walks. Truth be told, a nice comfy couch or people bed would do the job if my human would be willing to share.
  • My family can be a single person, a couple, or a family. Even though I haven’t been around a lot of kids while I’ve been in foster care, my foster mom says my eyes light up when I see a kid. I had a good time greeting the kids at the Pet Expo where several thousand people attended. My foster mom also tells me that I am a good listener: smart, sweet, gentle, pleasant, and fun to be around. She said to tell you, “No, cats!”  Sometimes I can go a little bananas when I see cats on our walks. Other dogs are okay, even though I can be a little food-aggressive or resource-guard my toys. I just need to eat separately and to be reminded to calm down if I get worried that another dog wants my toys. My foster mom says I’m doing better since I am getting used to having other dogs around. 
  • Oh, yeah...a fenced yard so I can run around and look for squirrels and bunnies! My foster mom is certain I would make a mad dash after critters if I wasn’t fenced in. 
Maybe I better stop here, Santa. I don’t want to ask for too much!  What’s most important is someone to love me and take good care of me until it’s finally time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I may be 10 years old, but I am in good health so I expect to be around a lot longer. As for me, Santa, I am more than willing to love my person(s) for the rest of my life!

Your hopeful friend,
Kelly 5

Update 10/19/2015:
  You’ll never need to walk alone if this young-at-heart senior joins your family.
Kelly continues to be a pleasure in his foster home and his antics can be quite amusing.  There aren’t many insects flying around with cold weather, but he is always happy to chase a stray fly or bee.   As with many typical ten-year-old boys, he tends to leave his toys lying about and the floor or bed will be often strewn with toys, bones, or balls.  At times, Kelly likes to carry a toy outside and is getting better about bringing the toy back inside when prompted. 

Recently Kelly attended a Springerfest and was well-behaved for the long car ride and during activities.  He impressed picnic attendees with his manners and low-key demeanor.  His foster mom repeatedly heard people say what a nice dog he is.  Always nice to make a good impression!  He then represented MAESSR at a huge pet expo.  Thousands of people were in attendance, and Kelly worked his little heart out, promoting himself for adoption.  He was very well-behaved and especially loved the kids, often approaching them as soon as he spied them.  Kelly had a smile for everyone and enjoyed all the attention he received.  His foster mom was so proud of him!

Kelly continues to enjoy his walks, especially if he gets to go twice in one day.  If he is ready to go for his constitutional before his foster mom, he will stand by the leashes hanging on the wall, maybe nudge them, and look at his foster mom as if to say, "I'm ready, aren't you?"  He will also sit by her and quietly woof in anticipation a few times.  Well-managed with a harness Kelly still sets the pace for the pack.  He has a tendency to try to eat things he finds along the way so his foster mom must keep an eye on that behavior.  The ol’ boy gets excited when he sees critters but is usually able to contain that excitement.  He knows in which alleys he is likely to see cats hanging out and looks in anticipation.   One evening a loose dog larger than Kelly followed for the last eight blocks of his walk.  Kelly handled this intruder quite well and was not upset by his tagging along. 

At meal time, Kelly still gets excited, usually jumping and backing up as his foster mom brings his food.  He apparently has a sensitive stomach and has had issues with recurring diarrhea.  That is under control now with a spoonful of pumpkin being added to his kibble.  Kelly is improving at accepting treats with consistent reminders to “take it nicely.”  He hasn’t turned down anything yet and continues to counter-surf, even for!

Kelly still sleeps on a dog pillow in his foster mom’s bedroom.  During the day, if Kelly disappears, he can usually be found on his foster mom’s bed.   Occasionally he will jump in if she is not getting her morning started as quickly as he would like. Generally Kelly will signal when he needs to go out with quiet woofing.  During the night if he has an emergency, he might awake his family with the sound of toenails pacing on the wood floor.

Home grooming keeps this boy tidied up and includes nail trimming now.  He is not keen on that part but is fairly cooperative.  He does not require frequent bathing as he stays very clean and fresh-smelling.  Woo-hoo! 

Kelly and his foster siblings are coexisting nicely although he can engage in minor resource guarding of toys in which case they are removed.  He and the young Spanish Water Dog are playing together quite nicely with horseplay and chasing ensuing.  His foster mom has been concerned that Kelly might get too rough with the much smaller SWD and has supervised play, but Kelly has been able to limit his roughness with her.  Atta boy, Kelly!  His fitness level has improved with exercise, making it easier for him to pursue his little buddy faster and longer than when he first arrived.   Sometimes the curmudgeonly resident springer will lick Kelly's face now that he has warmed up to Kelly...nice to see!
You’ll never need to walk alone if this young-at-heart senior joins your family.   If you need a tactful nudge to get yourself moving, Kelly is your dog.  He’ll not only remind you when it’s time to go, but he’ll make the going a lot of fun!!
Update  09/15/2015: “At first Kelly was a little out of shape for their 1.5 mile walks twice daily…as long as the weather isn’t too hot and humid…but he’s handling the exercise well now.” 

Through no fault of his own, Kelly moved halfway across Pennsylvania to his third foster home in less than a month. His transport took four drivers almost six hours, and he was a gentleman and a real trooper during the trip. The latest transition was a little stressful for Kelly who took a couple days to settle in, but he seems to feel right at home these days. 
His new foster mom has found Kelly to be a pleasure and an amusing fellow.  He will chase butterflies and bees around the yard and tries to catch flies if they dare come in the house.  He is a nice dog, a sweet boy, and he enjoys occasional cuddling.

The first few times Kelly was walked he went with the youngest foster sibling and did well despite some minor pulling.  Once he was put in an Easy Walk harness he stopped pulling and was very manageable.  He was then included in the pack and walked with his three foster siblings.  He and the little Spanish Water Dog lead the pack and set the pace.  At first Kelly was a little out of shape for their 1.5 mile walks twice daily…as long as the weather isn’t too hot and humid…but he’s handling the exercise well now.  If wild critters such as bunnies, squirrels, cats, and even (yes!) a skunk are encountered, Kelly gets excited, so his foster mom always has a good grip on the leash.  He has a tendency to pick up things to eat during walks but dropped a tasty chicken bone found on the sidewalk when prompted.  Good boy, Kelly!  He has encountered a few children who asked to pet him and he did fine.

Kelly is gated from his foster siblings for meals due to some minor food aggression.  His foster mom finds that he cannot be given high value treats as he becomes very protective of them. For meals he is fed in a slow-bowl to discourage eating too quickly. He then waits patiently for everyone to be finished to have the gate removed.  Sitting for treats is a new behavior that Kelly has learned and he is working on taking treats nicely…his foster mom feels she shouldn’t have to count her fingers every time she gives a treat!  

Housetrained, Kelly will let his foster mom know that he needs to go outside by quietly woofing or by sitting and staring at her. There were several gastrointestinal issues during the night which resulted in Kelly having accidents.  Suspecting that Kelly may have an intolerance of or allergy to chicken, his foster mom has changed Kelly’s diet and he is doing better. He even seems perkier now that his food has been changed…woo-hoo!

Kelly has been sleeping on plush dog pillows or on the wood floor in his foster mom’s bedroom; his ideal spot would be in the big bed. Sorry, Kelly…you are a pretty big boy!  If his foster mom is working on the computer, Kelly will stretch out in the hallway nearby or will sneak up on her bed.  He will quickly jump off when prompted.  He also tries to sack out on the couch, but is again prompted to get off.  Kelly will occasionally lie in an open crate to take a nap.  He has not been crate trained and is gated in the foyer and kitchen when his foster mom goes out.  He does quite well and hasn’t gotten into any trouble while she is gone. 
It was quickly apparent that Kelly can easily jump baby gates, even ones 36” high.  He easily cleared one to explore a trash can that was “out of reach.” (In your dreams, foster mom!) Clever placement of chairs up against the gates has thwarted his efforts.  It appears that Kelly is a bit of a counter-surfer, too, as he is the prime suspect in cases where pot holders and dishcloths have found their way onto the floor and into other rooms. When his foster mom is eating, Kelly will sit and watch, hoping that he will get lucky. He does not bark much, always a plus for his foster mom!
Kelly enjoys being brushed but has not yet had his nails trimmed.  He was included in bath time and, aside from jumping out of the tub when he was first getting lathered up, he did fine and was cooperative. 
Kelly currently shares his home with a senior resident male Springer, a senior female mixed breed, and a one-year-old Spanish Water Dog. He and the resident Springer have had a couple minor skirmishes but seem to be tolerating each other now.  Recently the resident Springer, whose vision is declining, accidentally jumped from the bed onto Kelly. This resulted in a grumble but no retaliation toward the old guy. The young pup engages Kelly in play at times. although Kelly is sometimes reluctant to chase her or to play. With his stamina improving, Kelly doesn't wear out as quickly when they do play.  
Stuffed toys are Kelly’s favorites but he will also chew on synthetic bones, and he occasionally chases a tennis ball.  Kelly would instead prefer to rip apart the tennis balls, which does not sit well with two very ball-driven resident pooches!  He likes to carry toys outside into the yard and is learning that they need to come back in.  Atta boy, Kelly!  His foster mom must supervise Kelly with toys or remove items to keep the peace, because he has some minor resource guarding.  For this reason, it is possible that Kelly might be most comfortable as an only dog.
Kelly is a fun fellow who would love to have a family to call his own.  Like walks? Check!  Need some critters chased? Check!  Have some old tennis balls that need recycling?  Check!  Kelly would be happy to oblige.  Oh, and if you’d like a bedtime cuddler, Kelly is your guy.

Update 08/18/2015:
My foster parents don't believe I'm 10; neither do I.  I out run, out eat, and out jump my 6 year-old foster brother! 
Hi all!!  Kelly here…
I'm looking for my forever family.  My foster parents don't believe I'm 10; neither do I.  I out run, out eat, and out jump my 6 year-old foster brother!    I love to jump high in the sky after birds and butterflies!   My foster mom doesn't even need her fly swatter anymore because I can catch them in midair!
I would love to find a home that has a fenced-in yard since I am always on patrol for squirrels and deer.    I'm not sure if I want any children around since my current family does not have any.  Oh, and definitely NO CATS!  They would drive me crazy.  
I like to snuggle but not too much.  I like to sleep quietly all night next to my parents’ bed.  I will wake you up early for a bio break but make sure you feed me at that time too because I LOVE to eat.  You would never expect me to have such a big appetite because I have a very trim figure.
The best home I can think of would have squeaky toys…lots and LOTS of squeaky toys.   Even if you get tired of throwing them for me, I can just toss them around myself!  I also like to hear my name called.   My tail wags so fast whenever I hear "Kelly!  You are such a good boy!"    I like other dogs and passed my doggie day care test with flying colors.   
I am a very good boy and would keep you company all day.   I don't mind being left alone…just not for too long all of the time.  I would miss you.  Ready now for my new family!
Love from Kelly

Original:  “Kelly loves to play ball and is generally a very easy guy to have around.”
When his Pennsylvania owner had to relocate to a retirement community that did not allow pets, Kelly needed a new home.  That’s where MAESSR entered to help give him a new start for his golden years.
Due to a timing issue, Kelly was taken in by a temporary foster home and kept there until a longer-term foster could be made available.  Although he was a little nervous with the two resident male Springers on the first day, by the second day they were friends, playing together in the yard and the pool.   The resident cat was kept away from Kelly because his owner reported that Kelly was not a fan of felines.
In his new foster home, Kelly is kept in a separate room from the resident dog while the owners are away.  He lies quietly in this ample-sized room and has not chewed or scratched to get out.  He is also being fed separately from the resident dog; Kelly has a very healthy appetite!  He started sleeping on the floor in his foster parents’ bedroom after he was told to "get off the bed!”  In the morning, he did jump back on to give his foster dad a "time to get up" Springer welcome.  His foster parents do not allow dogs on the furniture and Kelly has respected this rule.
Kelly walks well on the leash even ignoring a small dog that came charging at him during a walk.  He gets along with all the dogs he meets.  Good boy, Kelly!   He knows “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “lie down.” Also, he loves to ride in the car.
Although he was never crate trained, Kelly is quiet and has excellent house manners.  This boy is housetrained but does not signal to go out.  Instead, he is let into the yard several times a day and has not had an accident inside.  Kelly has not trash-picked or counter-surfed, although his original owner stated that he has been known to steal food from the countertops.  His good manners extend to outside as well. Kelly doesn't bark much or dig in the yard, but he loves to play ball.
Kelly is generally a very easy guy to have around.  He has not been to the groomer but reportedly was cooperative when his owner would bathe him at home.  His temporary foster mom said Kelly was also a good boy at the vet.
This easy-going dog would do well in a house without cats but with plenty of squeaky toys, as he enjoys playing fetch with them.  Would you be willing to give this sweet senior a home and your love?  You’ll be glad you did!