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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 05/04/2016
Status: Adopted
Age: 14 months; Born: 04/02/2015
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 49 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Williamsburg, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for a scratched cornea complete, overall good health
Temperament: Good with people as young as 12 (may accidentally knock younger ones over), good with other dogs,
Temp. Cont.: good with cats

Kai's Story . . .

Update 06/27/2016
Kai and his canine foster sister get along well; so well that a recent playtime mishap resulted in a visit to the vet.”
Kai continues to make progress in his foster home. Currently he is working on learning some manners when it comes to jumping up on people and “mouthing” their arms and hands. This is done primarily when he’s excited, but he needs to learn that well-behaved Springers keep their paws and mouths to themselves!  Already he is showing improvement at curbing this behavior.
Kai and his canine foster sister get along well; so well that a recent playtime mishap resulted in a visit to the vet. Kai scratched his cornea while playing with his foster sister and is being treated with antibiotics and eye drops.
A new swimming pool for cooling off is enjoyed by Kai. Apparently digging is a pastime, too. One can only imagine what the swimming pool water looks like after a good dig by Kai!  
Keep posted for more news on this sweet boy’s progress.

Original: “He lives to run and loves water in any shape or form. He will even dance in his water bowl if he's bored!”

Kai recently lost his owner who had been ill for several months and was being cared for in her New Jersey home by her daughter and hospice. Kai was devoted to his "mom" and stayed with her, in or under her bed, until she drew her last breath.  The daughter knew that MAESSR could find her mother’s faithful young Springer a wonderful new home.

This Jersey boy has an excellent temperament; he LOVES everybody-- males, females, old and young.  Kai is also very good with cats!  He had been used to seeing them in his former yard and tried his hardest to entice them to play with him. He didn't have too much luck but he appears to like cats and does not chase them.

Although Kai has never had any formal obedience training, he does understand several commands: “sit,” “stay,” “come,” “down,” “leave it,” and “wait.” Being a Springer puppy, his hearing is selective and sometimes he does not hear these commands or chooses not to respond. Further obedience training with his forever family would be beneficial to all.  He is okay on a leash; he does pull a bit and is used to a no-pull harness which does help. He is trusted off leash as he always remains close by his people.  He LOVES to go for rides in the car and is a very good passenger. He is content to ride in the back and will occasionally poke his head between the seats for a quick pet.

Crate trained and fully housetrained, Kai is allowed full freedom in the home. He will bark to alert that someone is approaching the house but once he knows that his people have gotten that message, he settles down.  He does want to jump up to meet whoever has arrived.  Although Kai does like to counter- surf, he has not attempted to steal anything; he just wants to investigate the smells!  He always gets right down when he's caught with his paws on the counter and looks sheepish.  He will beg occasionally but is more likely to lie under the table waiting to see if he will be offered anything tempting.

This young pup does not have a mean bone in his body and thinks that everyone is his next new best friend. He is good for brushing and has no problems with having his ears or feet handled.

A typical Springer puppy, Kai is full of energy!  He loves to chase his ball bringing it back and dropping it for his person to throw again; he can do this for HOURS!   He lives to run and loves water in any shape or form. He will even dance in his water bowl if he's bored!  So far, he has not shown much of a prey drive and does not chase squirrels or birds.  He is a bit of a digger but will stop as soon as he is told.

Sweet, faithful, playful Kai will soon be ready to start his new life with his forever family.  What a joy he will be for them!