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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Jingles II

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Entered: 12/19/2008
Status: Rainbow Bridge
Age: 10
Color: Black/White
Weight: 60 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Bumpass, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, being managed for a malignant tumor in the rectum, resuming medication
Health Cont.: for low thyroid levels, treatment for Lyme disease and Erlichia complete, significant hearing loss
Temperament: Good with people as young as 1, good with other dogs, good with cats

Jingles II's Story . . .

Update 10/03/2014:   “All of us will miss him, especially the way he nudged his fellow canines with his nose, the trash cans that he checked out on a regular basis, and the way he looked at us when he wagged his tail to say...'Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the many happy moments that you gave me.'"

Life turns quickly at times. Just a few days ago, his update came “straight from Jake’s mouth.”  His perspective was fresh and fun and one that all hoped he would be sharing for a very long time to come.  Sadly, his foster family has sent what will be Jake’s final update. 

“It is with a sad and heavy heart that I must report that Jake (AKA Jingles II) crossed the Rainbow Bridge early this afternoon.  In less than 2 days, he went from a spry happy Springer who ate heartedly and enjoyed his life with his Foster Family and his two stepbrothers and a stepsister, to a Springer in which his tumor finally closed off his rectum and he was unable to go potty on a daily basis.  The Good Lord gave us no other alternative.  He was with his Foster Family for four months in which time he captured our hearts and gave us much Springer Love in return.  All of us will miss him, especially the way he nudged his fellow canines with his nose, the trash cans that he checked out on a regular basis, and the way he looked at us when he wagged his tail to say … “Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the many happy moments that you gave me.”  We will miss him!”

By any measure, Jake was one lucky guy.  He had found MAESSR the day before his time was up at a shelter and less than a week before Christmas.  The new year brought about his adoption and the start of a long stretch of happiness with a family of his own.  When an incurable illness overtook him, he returned to MAESSR, only to be welcomed by a foster family that loved him as their own.  Lucky?  Yes.  Deserving? Yes.  Some of rescue’s best work?  Yes.  God speed, Jake.  So glad MAESSR could help……………

Update 09/30/2014: “On the good side, I’ve lost about 15 lbs. and do I feel so much better!”

Editor’s Note:  Normally news on MAESSR’s foster dogs comes through the families they’re living with.  This update is an exception…………”straight from Jake’s mouth.”  Enjoy the perspective……..:)).

“Since my Foster Dad hasn’t found time to update all the other MAESSR Foster Dogs (and Springer lovers) on my status, I told Chuck (I really don’t call him that!) that I would do it.

Well … first of all … they’re not feeding me enough!  Of course, I have to tell you also that my Foster Parents have me on a BIG DIET since I was about 35 lbs. OVERWEIGHT.  On the good side, I’ve lost about 15 lbs. and do I feel so much better!  So I guess I’ll be on a diet a while longer.  Hey, I can’t believe it; my two stepbrothers and my stepsister really like me!  I only heard one growl from the older grumpy one since I have been here.  And I get to run the whole big yard with my new BFFs without being tied up.  Yeah, at first they watched me like a hawk, but when I showed them that I won’t leave my new yard, now they trust me.  It’s wonderful being part of a family like this!  Even with a big yard to run in, they still take me on two walks a day.

They wanted me to take some ugly tasting pills each morning and evening with my meals, but I spit them out.  I don’t think they’re giving me any more pills since they started putting those nice chunks of moist dog food in my dish.  Hey … wait a minute … are they hiding those pills in the chunks of meat?  Ah; I really don’t care.  The meals here are so good.  Yeah, I still got that problem with my rear end; it frustrates me a lot and so it must frustrate them too.  I have to take sooooo long to go potty but they’re nice about it and give me lots of extra time.  I don’t think I have gotten any worse since I’ve been here, so I’m not too worried.  I know that my Mom and Dad will get me to the Doctor if they have to.My 

Mom and Dad sometimes say things that I don’t understand.  Things like …”Jake, you’re wagging your tail so much; be careful that it doesn’t fall off.”  Don’t they know that I wag my tail because I’m happy and it won’t fall off?  Boy … do I have a lot to teach them!

In closing, I don’t know what mAesSr (or something like that) stands for but, whatever it is…it is good.  I really hope all you other Foster Dogs are being treated as good as I am; if you’re MaESSr too, I’m sure you are!  BTW … If any other Foster Dog wants to compare notes, send me an email at happyinparadise@maessr.bumpass.

Bye Bye.

With Springer Love, Jake aka Jingles II"

Jake……......if you follow the DISPLAY ALL DOGS pages, you know other foster dogs enjoy their own versions of paradise but, online privileges?  This may be a first!  Take very good care of your foster parents and perhaps they’ll let you do your next update.  Until then, enjoy fall and that big yard!!!

Update 07/13/2014:  "At 75 pounds, it's needless to say, he enjoys his food and is a member of the clean-plate club after every meal!"  

Once a MAESSR dog, always a MAESSR dog.............and so it is that Jingles is back in a foster home.  He was with his adopting family in Virginia for many years, but returned due to the owner’s inability to continue his care.  While with that family he’d been re-named and, though he will always be Jingles II in MAESSR’s records, his foster family felt he should keep the name he knew, so “Jake” it is.
Jake is a sweetheart and is a very happy dog.  He wags his tail quite often when he sees someone coming towards him.  He is very good with other dogs and cats.  He also is very good with children of all ages; a 1 year-old climbs on him, with adult supervision, of course, and he hardly moves a muscle.
Good manners do not elude this senior, though he takes a few liberties from time to time.  He is housetrained and barks at the door if he needs to go out.  He is not crate trained so, when his family goes out, Jake is allowed to roam the lower level of the house.  His foster parents have found that if he is locked in a room, he becomes anxious and scratches the floor or door to get out.  If a trash can is nearby, Jake feels it is his duty to go through the trash to make sure nothing was thrown out by mistake. He doesn’t try to get on the furniture and, even if he did, it is a house rule that no dogs share the people furniture. He is untested with counter-surfing as he can’t get his front legs high enough onto the counter.  And at night, he sleeps where he wants to on the upper level of the home. 
Jake does not know basic commands (sit/stay/etc.) but he loves his walks and is a good companion on a leash.  He likes car rides and just gets in the car and lies down.  At 75 pounds, it’s needless to say, he enjoys his food and is a member of the clean-plate club after every meal!  He is fed in a separate room from the 3 resident canines, to be sure he gets his fair share and only his fair share!  With his return, a weight reduction diet has begun to slim him down.  That, coupled with resuming his thyroid meds, will help him reach a goal of 30-35 pounds lost.
About the time of his return Jake had a very scary mishap. He was apparently attacked by another animal, possibly a bear.  He was treated for several wounds on his hind quarters and neck.  Thankfully, all wounds have healed nicely and the hair is growing back.  With further vetting, Jake was also diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his rectum that is inoperable. His prognosis is difficult to tell.  He could have 2 months, 2 years, or.......?.  Providing a stool softener and extra attention to the erratic timing of his needs to go out are steps his family can take to keep Jake comfortable.  He’s very nonchalant when he goes to the vet.  With all the poking and other things that veterinarians do, he is very calm and just looks up to say, “Are you through yet?!”   
As a permanent foster, Jake will be in MAESSR’s care until he lets his people know that he’s ready for the Bridge.  Here’s hoping that passing will be very far down the road and that this boy will never cross paths with a bear again!
Original:  "Jingles would like to 'jangle his way into your heart' and has merriment to bring smiles long past the holiday season."

From a shelter in southern Ohio, Jingles came to MAESSR. One of our wonderful MAESSR volunteers rushed to the shelter to get him because he was scheduled to be put to sleep the next morning. Then a group of dedicated MAESSR transporters gave their time during the busy holiday season to get Jingles from Ohio to safety in a Virginia foster home. In the spirit of the season, Jingles traveled well, switching from one sleigh to the next along the way. Such was the beginning of a brand new wonderful life for Jingles.
Jingles has proven himself to be a wonderful household companion. He is totally housetrained and does not counter surf. He is crate trained, but the crate is not necessary. Jingles is just a joy to have around and wags his full tail to show how happy he is in a home! He does get on furniture and would love to sleep in the bed with you but, when asked, he does quietly settle on a dog bed beside his foster parents bed. He loves to cuddle and just be with you.
Got room for one more stocking on your mantle? Jingles would like to "jangle his way into your heart" and has merriment to bring smiles long past the holiday season.