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Jilly Anne

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Entered: 06/03/2012
Status: Adopted
Age: 12
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 51 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Gainesville, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, receiving medication for a torn ACL and supplements for joint health, some hearing loss,
Health Cont.: dental complete with extractions, treatment for anaplasmosis and removal of mammary tumors complete,
Health Contd.: treatment for a mild skin infection complete, overall good health
Temperament: Good with people as young as five in previous home, good with dogs, unknown with cats

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Jilly Anne's Story . . .

Update 07/31/2013:  "Don’t tell Lilly that she’s 12 years old, because this girl has the heart of a puppy." 
Jilly, or Lilly as she is known in her foster home, has been doing great!  She still takes medication for her ACL and it has improved as much as expected.  Fully mobile, her limp doesn’t stop this girl at all from getting around.  This includes taking walks, going up and down stairs, and jumping around when she’s happy!  She has finished her treatment for anaplasmosis, which is a tick borne disease, and received a Lyme vaccine during a visit with the vet.  While there, Lilly also had a dental cleaning with six extractions.  Now her smile is as sparkly as her personality!
A total love bug, the kisses Lilly wants to give are endless………and she loves to be petted in return. She has wiggled her way into her foster family’s hearts and the children’s beds every night. 
While Lilly loves the companionship of her family and the resident canines, she would probably be fine as an only dog, but her foster mom believes she would be happiest when not left alone for hours at a time.  She prefers human or canine companionship.
Don’t tell Lilly that she’s 12 years old, because this girl has the heart of a puppy.  While her foster family will be greatly saddened to part with her, they know that Lilly’s new family will feel like they’ve won the lottery.  And if kisses are currency, they’ll be millionaires. Jilly Anne, now known as Lilly, was returned to MAESSR through no fault of her own.  She has a torn ACL and her home had many stairs to navigate.  Her owner was unable to carry her up and down the stairs and asked MAESSR for help. 
Update 06/25/2013:  "Kisses are high on Lilly’s to do list and she gives them freely and often!"
Jilly Anne, now known as Lilly, was returned to MAESSR through no fault of her own.  She has a torn ACL and her home had many stairs to navigate.  Her owner was unable to carry her up and down the stairs and asked MAESSR for help.

Lilly is a wonderful senior girl.  Her foster family declares that one would never know she is turning 12 years old at the end of July.  Overall Lilly was found to be in excellent health for a senior gal but, due to her age, her vet determined that surgery was unnecessary for her torn ACL.  She currently is on medication and the ligament is on the mend.  Although limping, Lilly is getting around well and is able to go for daily two mile walks with her endurance improving every day. She’s always excited about going for a walk and there are no ill effects from her long outings.  With increased exercise, Lilly will undoubtedly drop a few pounds which will be easier on her joints.  Although Lilly wants to go up the stairs, her foster family is restricting her while she heals.  They are hopeful that in the next month she will be able to go up and down the stairs on her own. 

Life in her foster home suits Lilly.  She enjoys being with her foster family and her foster springer brothers.  She’s always in the thick of things and never wants to miss the fun!  At mealtime Lilly eats alongside the resident canines and shows no signs of food aggression, even if her bowl is taken away.  If strangers arrive, Lilly alerts her family by barking but stops when she’s instructed to do so.
Kisses are high on Lilly’s to do list and she gives them freely and often!  She’s a real snuggle bug who loves a comfy bed but, most of the time, she just wants to be near her people.  When her foster family is away, trustworthy Lilly has free roam of the main level of the house.  A bit of a beggar, who enjoys the occasional table scrap, Lilly demonstrates good manners and does not counter-surf or get into the trash.  What a good girl! Update
Jilly’s foster mom has proclaimed Lilly as an absolutely wonderful dog.  Keep an eye out for her progress while she’s on the mend.  For those who have never experienced the joys of loving a senior, Lilly would be a perfect choice to find out first hand.  Just don’t wait too long……..this Lilly will be picked before you know it!
Update 09/07/2012:  "Jilly's an extremely personable and entertaining companion in her foster home."
Now is your chance to "Fall in LOVE with a Senior!" MAESSR has a new program to match up our senior and special needs Springers with new, loving families. This is a wonderful opportunity to Fall in LOVE all over again with a dog that really needs you.
Adoption fees are being waived for all seniors (age 9 and older) and for special needs dogs through the end of September. Keep your eyes open for that special one who would fit perfectly into your life! It could be Jilly Anne; it may be another. Let your heart guide the decision and all else will fall into place! 
It's been three months since Jilly became a MAESSR girl! She continues to make herself at home and be a welcome and model houseguest. She recently attended an annual pet appreciation event where MAESSR had an information table and was a great ambassador. She greeted everyone who passed close enough to say "hi" with a smile and a wiggle of her butt. She certainly enjoyed all the attention and is ready to do it again!
Jilly's favorite things in life continue to be rolling in the grass, getting brushed, and the big one - going for walks. Sure, she still isn't crazy about the Gentle Leader head halter but doesn't often try to rub it off. Her foster mom has been taking all four dogs, two residents and two fosters, for a walk at the same time. Not only does Miss Jilly keep up with the pack, she is often leading it and usually isn't as tired on the return home as her younger cohorts. Jilly does sometimes react to dogs that go crazy at the fences or porches she passes but she's getting better about ignoring them. Once back home Jilly usually takes a nice long nap, often catching her zzz's in an open crate.
Oh, one more favorite thing - eating! Jilly is getting better with waiting when the pack's supper bowls are being prepared; she may still be sent to the crate to wait if she starts getting in the other dogs' faces and whines/grumbles. Jilly has never aggressed; she just gives everyone fair warning that supper is very important to her and not to forget it!
Jilly is getting a little better with barking at people going by the house or yard but, sometimes she just can't resist the urge to express herself. She can startle the mailman when he comes up on the porch, for sure! She continues to bark from the time she discovers her foster mom has arrived home until the door is unlocked. If she's not sure which door her mom will use, Jilly runs from one door to the other until she hears the key in the door. Like all good fosters, Jilly's always glad to see her foster mom is back home.
Continuing to be completely trustworthy in the house, Jilly has never touched anything. Her foster mom is pretty sure Jilly doesn't even get up on the furniture after she leaves. Jilly will boost herself up onto the couch with those little legs when she has been invited and sure likes to give her foster mom kisses. Jilly is definitely a Velcro springer and sleeps nearby when her foster mom is busy.
Jilly continues to be in good health. She was treated several weeks ago for a mild skin infection which cleared up with antibiotics. She continues on a grain-free dog food which has resulted in a soft and shiny coat. Miss Jilly's hair is gradually growing in where she had her surgery.
Jilly's an extremely personable and entertaining companion in her foster home. She's adapted well to her move into foster care, has proven herself with canine buddies and would like nothing more than to have a family of her very own now. And, of course, she's a classic beauty too! If you enjoy walking, Jilly would love to have you on the end of her leash!!!
Update 08/02/2012:  "Jilly is starting to sport a girlish figure these days. La-de-da!"
Jilly continues to be a sweet and funny gal. She loves nothing more than a good old roll in the grass to make her day. Fully recovered from surgery, she has been going on twenty minute walks after sundown when the heat and humidity start to ease up. She would be delighted to shed her Gentle Leader (and sometimes does during the first few minutes of her walk) but is more accepting of the contraption in order to get that walk. Usually after the first few blocks she forgets about it and focuses instead on enjoying her outing. The Gentle Leader certainly makes a big difference in her foster mom's enjoyment of the walk! Jilly's foster mom was going to try a harness but found that Jilly was between sizes so that was not an option for her. The dogs are walked in two shifts and if Jilly is relegated to second shift there is sometimes some mournful howling from the house as her foster mom walks out the driveway.
Jilly is starting to sport a girlish figure these days. La-de-da! She has not been weighed since her surgery but has definitely shed a few pounds. She is a good looking girl who enjoys a nice brushing and the occasional bath. She is a very good girl in the tub! Jilly's foster mom has also noticed that her snoring is tapering off which makes for a quieter evening of TV or reading! She is continuing to work on reducing the frequency of barking in which Jilly sometimes engages. It is definitely getting better, but some days Miss Jilly just has to indulge her urges. At meal times, Jilly is occasionally sent to a crate while her foster mom gets everyone's supper ready because she will start whimpering in the other dogs' faces or grumbling at them as if someone is going to take her meal. No way is anyone is going to touch your dish, Miss Jilly! This behavior, too, has improved, but some habits are just hard for a mature gal to change.
When her foster mom is home, Jilly occasionally chooses to chill and take a nap on the nice soft pillow in the crate. She is completely trustworthy in the house when her foster mom goes out. Miss Jilly is certainly not getting herself into any trouble!
Her foster mom was surprised to learn that Jilly does have some prey drive, but fortunately it can be somewhat redirected. Miss Jilly recently discovered a nest of bunnies under the deck steps (we won't discuss their fate) and occasionally searches for those unfortunate bunnies when she goes outside.
This girl has a lot of personality and is ready to share her golden years with a loving family.
Update 07/02/2012:  "There is a low to moderate chance of the tumor returning, but Jilly will need monitored to insure that she remains cancer-free." 
Jilly just returned from getting her stitches removed at the vet following spaying and the removal of two mammary tumors. The vet said she is in great shape for an eleven year old. One small mammary tumor was benign, but the biopsy of the larger tumor showed it to be malignant. Good news, though: the vet was able to remove the entire tumor! There is a low to moderate chance of the tumor returning, but Jilly will need monitored to insure that she remains cancer-free. Also good news: the x-rays of her chest before surgery showed that the tumors had not invaded her lungs!
Jilly's activity level will be still somewhat restricted for the next couple weeks, but since she is not a wild and crazy gal, this should be no problem. Her idea of wild and crazy is a nice long roll in the grass! Jilly was a good girl during the recovery process and only wore the Elizabethan collar while her foster mom worked and during the night for three days following surgery. When she would scratch or lick her tummy without the collar, she would stop with prompting. Good girl! She wasn't so keen about lying down to get her incision cleaned, but once she did, she allowed foster mom clean the area. Treats weren't all that effective in getting her to do lie down. Miss Jilly has a stubborn side, too!
Her foster mom has discovered Jilly does know "shake" and will quickly do so for a treat. She does know "lie down" as mentioned above but isn't always compliant.
Since her surgery, Jilly has been given limited free reign of the house with the resident dogs and she has been a good girl even after removal of the Elizabethan collar. She has not bothered the trash or gotten into anything else. On occasion she may howl when her foster mom leaves, but things are quiet upon her return until Jilly realizes she's back. Then, she barks until her foster mom gets in the house. Sometimes it sounds like foster mom is housing a seal! When she gets excited, Jilly will even give you a woo-hoo-hoo! When her foster mom is home, Jilly will go in an open crate to chill and take a little nap and, oh, can this girl snore!
Jilly has had the opportunity to be in the car about seven times. While she is very excited to go on a ride, she does have a tendency to pant and whimper while she is a passenger. Jilly has been trusted off leash to go about twenty feet to the car and has made no attempts to take off. She will jump up on the side of the car so this behavior will need some work.
Jilly Anne continues to get along well with the two resident dogs and has invited both of them to play with her on occasion. When food is involved, she may grumble at the other dogs if they are close but has never shown her teeth or been aggressive. Foster mom lets her know this behavior is not acceptable.
Since her vetting is behind her, Jilly has the green light for adoption! The road ahead looks bright for her and her family-to-be.
Original:  "Jilly is always excited about mealtime and is a cheerleading squad of one in encouraging her foster mom to finish preparing everyone's meals."

Jilly Anne had been living with a co-worker of her owner for four years until the co-worker divorced and could no longer keep Jilly. When she was returned to her original owner, this person found having three dogs overwhelming. So, Jilly Anne became a MAESSR girl.

This sweet senior is a typical Velcro Springer who likes to be near her humans. Somebody has forgotten to tell Jilly Anne that she is a senior as she certainly acts younger than her eleven years and is rather spry for the extra poundage that she is carrying. She was returned to her original owner as a plus-sized gal and was able to lose a few pounds in the last few months. She is a moderate energy girl who likes trotting around in the yard but also enjoys her naps indoors.

When she came into foster care, Jilly Anne had some initial reservations about the two senior resident dogs, a male Springer and female Beardie mix, but warmed up to them within a day. She took much longer to tolerate her fellow MAESSR foster who is frail and inactive. She still occasionally growls at her foster sister so their foster mom intervenes so nothing can happen to the little underdog.

Jilly has been a great house guest with no accidents, counter-surfing, trash invasions, or inappropriate chewing. She is left out routinely around her foster mom's work schedule. At her former home she was crated while her owners worked and at night. She was also crated during the day as she liked to stand with her front feet on the windowsill to look outside which damaged the windowsill with her toenails. At night she was not allowed in owners' bed. Now, Jilly's foster mom is crating her only during the work day and will soon try giving her free reign of the house. Jilly Anne becomes excited upon foster mom's return at lunchtime and the end of the workday but is expected to sit quietly before being released from the crate. At night Jilly contently sleeps on a dog pillow in her foster mom's bedroom. If any criticism would be warranted of this house guest it is that she is a snorer!

Her foster mom hasn't found any play activities that interest Jilly. When Jilly is excited she will jump up on people. She hasn't been on the furniture that foster mom has noticed. When foster mom is eating her meals Jilly Anne will gather round with the rest of the pack and visualize foster mom sharing the people food in hopes that it will come to fruition. She quietly waits in anticipation. Jilly is a moderate barker, will bark at people walking up the street or the mailman.

Jilly is always excited about mealtime and is a cheerleading squad of one in encouraging her foster mom to finish preparing everyone's meals. No mistake, this senior eats like a lady and has no need for a brake bowl to slow her down. Jilly is quick to dive in and grab up crumbs when her foster sibling is eating treats. She quickly learned that she has to sit to get her treats and patiently waits as she is usually last to get hers to give others a chance to grab their crumbs themselves. She gently accepts treats.

Whoa, Nellie! Jilly is also excited about walks and is getting accustomed to a Gentle Leader head harness as this gal puts Norfolk Southern to shame! She is not at all enthused about the training gear and is somewhat stressed by it as it was just introduced, but what a difference it makes in walking down the street! Her foster mother tried the "make like a tree" method, but Jilly Anne would immediately go back into freight train mode as soon as she was given the go-ahead to walk on. Due to her weight issues, walks will have to be gradually increased in length while she gets used to exercise in the warmer temperatures. Jilly responds to command of "sit" so far. She does not appear to be a flight risk and was allowed off-leash at her former home as she had good recall; however, recall is inconsistent at her foster home.

Jilly was a great gal to bathe and enjoyed the attention even though she was slightly hesitant to join her foster mother in the bathroom at first. She allowed her foster mom to use the hair dryer and seemed to enjoy it. Her former owner reported that Jilly was muzzled to clip her toenails at the groomer's as she doesn't like her feet handled. Jilly was a little anxious at the vet's while being examined but did well overall. She barked at the other dogs and schmoozed with the humans. One tech asked if she was really eleven years old as she looks younger! The vet found that Jilly has mammary tumors which must be x-rayed before proceeding with their removal and spaying.

Her foster mom did the last leg of Jilly's transport and found her to be a great passenger. She wasn't in the car again for a week but whined and panted the first couple hours of a trip. She may have thought she was returning to her former home and did eventually calm down.

Seasoned senior Springers make wonderful family members and Jilly Anne will be no exception. Consider bringing this lovely girl into your life!