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  • Adopted Murdock in December 2006 when he was 10 Mos old. He has been the best boy ever! We just learned he has Lymphoma & are devasted. I can't imagine life without him & am hoping he responds well to treatment and lives many more months!!
  • Marie, PA
  • I lost my best friend, Evie, a year ago September. I adopted her in 2006, she was 2 years old. That sweet girl was the love of my life and I miss her dearly. Thank you MAESSR for bringing that beautiful dog into my life.
  • Carrie, VA

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    Jake XXII

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    Entered: 10/19/2010
    Status: Adopted
    Age: 8
    Color: Liver/White/Tan
    Weight: 55 lbs.
    Gender: Altered Male
    Location: Dover, PA
    Health: UTD, HW-, overall good condition
    Temperament: Good with adults and older children, slowly adjusts to other dogs but will live best as an only dog,
    Temp. Cont.: good with cats

    Jake XXII's Story . . .
    Update 10/16/2014:  “He'll chase a ball until he drops from exhaustion!"
    Once a MAESSR boy…..always a MAESSR boy.  Thus, Jake returned recently after his family made a long distance move to an apartment in Illinois and their new baby started walking.  Smaller quarters, less exercise and 2-legged competition made Jake unsettled. Wanting the best for all, his adoptive family decided to ask MAESSR to find Jake a home with adults and older children.  And, so, he began life with a foster family back on the east coast.

    Jake continues to blend with his foster family.  He is living with three other Springers and at first didn’t get along with them at all.  Now, slowly but surely, he is getting used to his four-legged family.  He and his foster siblings are fine outside and even in the house where they have plenty of space, but when Jake wants to be with his foster mom, he doesn’t want to share.  So, while his foster parents are working on this behavior, they feel Jake would be happiest as an only dog.  They know that he would be thrilled with the extra treats he’d get.
    The new boy in the house likes to be fed separately and will grumble if the other dogs come near his food.  Toward keeping everyone happy, they have their own bowls. This guy is very food driven; he’ll do anything for treats which should make him very open to further training.
    This border-line senior citizen loves activity.  He’ll chase a ball until he drops from exhaustion!   Walks are exciting and lead to pulling at first, but then he settles down.  And then there’s car rides…….yea!!!
    Do you like walks and ball play?  Would just one dog fit in with your mature family?  Keep your eyes out for Jake’s future progress.

    Original:  “He loves to cuddle and play ball and watch TV and go for car rides and just about anything as long as a human is involved.”

    Handsome Jake XXII came to MAESSR from Pennsylvania because he was occasionally scuffling with the other dog in the home. The family could not figure out how to get him to stop, so they decided for everyone's peace of mind to let him find a new home through MAESSR. His previous family had started Jake on an inexpensive medication to help his anxiety and his foster mom concurs, thinking it best that Jake continue taking this for at least six months.

    During his first few days in his foster home, Jake was on excellent behavior. Then, he had a scuffle with one of the resident dogs. This scenario has been repeated a couple of times and luckily no one got hurt. So, his foster mom is recommending that he be the only dog in his forever home. She feels that he will be fine to go to the dog park with other dogs, fine with visiting dogs, and fine for going for walks and occasionally meeting other dogs.

    Jake is absolutely fantastic with people. He loves to cuddle and play ball and watch TV and go for car rides and just about anything as long as a human is involved. When on walks, he pulls on the leash like a freight train so a harness is recommended. Jake has great house manners and is both housetrained and crate trained. At night, he sleeps in the crate sometimes and sometimes he gets to sleep in the bedroom with his foster family. He really wants to sleep in the bed with them, but has accepted a dog bed on the floor.

    Would you like to play ball with the sweet boy?