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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 09/30/2016
Status: Adopted
Age: 4
Color: Black/White
Weight: 42 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Reston, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, benefiting from probiotics, successfully weaned from a supplement for anxiety, treatment
Health Cont.: for heartworm disease and intestinal worms complete, has gained to a healthy weight, dental complete
Temperament: Good with people as young as teenagers, unknown with young children, good with other dogs, good with
Temp. Cont.: cats

Ivan's Story . . .

Update 05/08/2017:  "Ivan is also making progress in reducing his anxiety; he's no longer taking a daily supplement.”
Ivan has the best news: He tested NEGATIVE for heart worms!!  After only four months on the slow kill treatment, he can now move to a normal, preventative protocol.  He has also gained to a healthy weight of 42 pounds.  He has been cleared to be neutered in a month to give his cardiovascular system a little more time to stabilize before undergoing anesthesia.
Ivan is also making progress in reducing his anxiety; he's no longer taking a daily supplement. He still continues to be frightened of loud noises and cars. However, on a recent drive to the vet, he put his front paws on the console and chose to ride "shotgun" for the first time instead of hiding down on the floor.  Ivan’s foster mom is so proud of him!!
Watch for more news of this boy’s progress.  After he’s neutered, Ivan will be looking to join his forever family.

Update 03/22/2017:
  "When he hears a noise…a truck, a doorbell…he wants to make a mad scramble to a safe place, but she's working on reassuring him that she is his safe place, no matter what."
Improving health, a steady, loving home life and lots of patience...all are contributing to gains for Ivan.  In particular, he's continuing to make progress on reducing his anxiety. He surprised his family this month with actually barking.  Well, it's more of an excited yelp when he's about to go outside. Four months to get a bark!  But, he does love going outside to run so he's motivated.
Inside, Ivan prefers to be in his safe place, wedged between chairs or the toilet and walk-in the bathroom. To build his confidence his foster mom has begun using a leash to keep him at her side when she goes to other parts of the house. When he hears a noise…a truck, a doorbell…he wants to make a mad scramble to a safe place, but she's working on reassuring him that she is his safe place, no matter what.
His heartworm treatment is continuing without complication.  By the time that's done and the neutering and the dental, Ivan will also understand the world is not as scary as he previously thought.  His future is bright; keep up the good work, Ivan!

Update 02/04/2017: 
"Concern over his disappearance was compounded by the dismal weather conditions and major traffic just beyond the neighborhood."

In late January his foster family got a request to write up Ivan's "latest adventures." It had been a blessedly boring month and they wondered what to write about for his webpage.  Little did they suspect the episode about to unfold that night…
Most of the day it was windy, cold and rainy, so we stuck close to home. Ivan ran into the backyard for a short few minutes at a time. Just before bedtime, Ivan and his resident foster brother went out. When brother returned, foster mom stepped out to call Ivan. Glancing around mom realized the gate had blown down and Ivan was gone.
A frantic search for Ivan began immediately. Due to his anxiety issues (and good MAESSR policy), Ivan had never been off lead outside the backyard. Concern over his disappearance was compounded by the dismal weather conditions and major traffic just beyond the neighborhood. Ivan had his tag on and he had been microchipped, but that was small comfort in the dark night. Posts on Facebook and neighborhood and lost dog sites spread by the hundreds, reward posters went up quickly, but not a single sighting of Ivan was reported on Tuesday. Another dark night but thankfully weather improved to springlike conditions. Wednesday dragged by with continued searches and many prayers!
Then the phone rang, "Would you like to know where your dog is?" asked MAESSR. "YES!"
That afternoon, 3 miles away as the crow flys, Ivan wandered into a local business. He huddled up behind a large piece of equipment and went to sleep. A worker read his tag and emailed MAESSR. Meanwhile he called animal control who picked Ivan up and took him to the shelter. Foster Mom and Dad were able to get him up the next day. He was carried out of the shelter to us and was shaking like a leaf. We quickly got him out and into the car where he curled up under mom's feet with his head on her knee. When presented with his stuffed monkey toy, he took several sniffs and gave a big sigh of relief as if to say, "Oh, I'm home!" 
Upon returning home, he gobbled up his food and snuggled with mom. Always a nervous boy, Ivan's adventure understandably was expected to make him worse. However, the opposite has been true. He seems to recognize that he is in a safe place with his monkey and foster family. He's still has growing to do, but seems more connected to his people than before.
On the more mundane level, Ivan has gained weight to 36 pounds! His slow method, heart worm treatment is well tolerated. And Ivan now prefers to sleep in his own dog bed! Good boy, Ivan!
Many thanks to all who helped to get Ivan home safely and wishing him and his family a "boring" month ahead...they're due!

Update 12/19/2016:
  "Then he jumps up on the bed and, on a good night, snuggles right up next to his foster mom. Often, she wakes with his nose across her shoulder."
So much good news to share on Ivan…on the health front, Ivan is up-to-date on all his shots. After much consideration and consultations, he has begun the slow method for heartworm treatment. His neutering and dental cleaning will be delayed until the vet is comfortable that he will not be in any danger under anesthesia due to the heartworms. He is NOT coughing or even winded after exertion which is very good. He is gaining weight very slowly, but still gaining. In addition to discovering the world of treats, Ivan is consuming 3 cups of kibble per day now.
Behaviorally, Ivan has made good progress regarding fear responses, but improvement is measured in millimeters and centimeters. He went to the groomer for the first time to have his nails clipped. He did exhibit significant worry, shaking badly, but without any aggressive behavior. When lifted to the table, he stood nicely and only sniffed while allowing his feet to be handled easily. Good boy, Ivan! 
Now, speed is measured on the other end of the spectrum.  As Ivan has gotten stronger and gained confidence that the fenced backyard is a safe place, his family has learned this boy is FAST! They've had Springers over the years and Ivan is like lightning. His running motion is similar to a grey hound with a rounded back compression to a completely stretched out body. His thin body type only accentuates the likeness. He loves being outdoors; he even prefers to eat his food outside on the deck where he can be alone, rather than in the kitchen with people and animals coming and going.
Ivan is comfortable indoors, laying between chairs or squeezing into tight places where he can keep an eye on his people. He's learning to play. He likes to "steal" toys from his foster brother and play tug-of-war each evening. He loves other dogs and has not had any negative reactions from Great Pyrenees to Chihuahuas. At night, he waits patiently, dozing off in the bathroom until the light is turned off. Then he jumps up on the bed and, on a good night, snuggles right up next to his foster mom. Often, she wakes with his nose across her shoulder. On a nervous night, he'll jump up and down (sometime even over his mom) until she grabs his collar and insists that he settle.
Over Thanksgiving, Ivan traveled to Grandmother's with his family and rode like a pro in the car.  He respected the resident cats and dog and stayed nicely on the floor rug, next to the bed respecting Grandmother's wishes. He loved the country life although he was not allowed free-range because recall outside a fenced area is still in question. Ivan's training has begun with "sit" regularly rewarded with treats. "Come" is rewarded with a treat every 4-6" in the right direction because this usually means a transition from a comfortable safe place which can trigger a fear response. Family and friends like that he is very sweet, does not jump or demand attention unbecomingly.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to all from Ivan and his foster family!

Update 10/17/2016
:  "Beginning to come out of his nervous shell, Ivan has begun running around the backyard independently for 5-10 minutes at a time. He is lightning fast!"
Ivan developed diarrhea so he got to visit the vet for the first time. He was very well behaved and the vet declared him to be "sooo sweet!" He allowed the vet to clip his very long nails without complaint. While there, Ivan was treated for roundworms and hookworms and is on a course of probiotics and antibiotics. When it was time to leave the vet's office, he did not want to get off the exam table and leave the room. He clearly felt safe and comfortable there!
Ivan also was found to be heartworm positive and will begin treatment soon. Additionally, his teeth are a point of concern, especially his rear molars. When he is neutered, he likely will receive a complete teeth cleaning. That said, his teeth have visibly improved with regular kibble food and chew toys in just two weeks. His overall condition "needs improvement," which will come with regular feeding and the good care he is now receiving.  Halfway through Ivan’s course of treatment for diarrhea, his foster family is happy to report that his stools are now normal.  
Beginning to come out of his nervous shell, Ivan has begun running around the backyard independently for 5-10 minutes at a time. He is lightning fast!  He engages in gentle play with his foster brother, a Pug/Chihuahua mix.  He is developing a fondness for chewing toys and has tried to snatch his foster mom's slippers a couple of times. He does not resource guard toys or food, so he willing gives up the slipper. He also has joined in the "puppy pile" at the foot of the bed. 
Transitions from one place or activity to another are still a problem for Ivan, but this is progressing. If the kitchen door is left open, he will dive downstairs to the basement to hide under the desk. However, for the first time, he returned upstairs to the kitchen completely on his own when called and encouraged a couple of times. This is HUGE for Ivan.
Ivan also discovered the dresser mirror while sitting on the bed! Clearly he'd never seen himself or anyone else in a mirror. He immediately began looking for the other dog. Jumping off the bed and sniffing, he then put his paws on the dresser to look again (uhmmmm NO, Ivan.) Then he was back onto the bed to see. When he couldn't find the dog, he began a gentle whine which is the first and only noise his foster parents have heard from him in two weeks. His foster mom was laughing and encouraging his discovery, but sorry she couldn't provide another Springer for him to play with. Stick with MAESSR, Ivan, and we'll get you some Springer playmates!

"Patience, patience, patience is the key for Ivan right now."

Ivan’s journey to MAESSR was a bit roundabout. Found as a stray in southern West Virginia, he was taken to a shelter there. Due to significant flooding in that area, he was transferred to another shelter. He was then pulled by a Brittany rescue group who contacted MAESSR to help him find a new home. It is unknown how long that he was in the various shelters. On the hour long drive to his foster home, Ivan quietly curled up on the floor sleeping.

Significantly underweight, obviously neglected and traumatized, Ivan is a very scared little boy. He was bathed during his brief stay with the Brittany rescue where, reportedly, he was afraid to leave the tub. He’s afraid and anxious about many things in his environment. His foster parents are giving him time to adjust and settle into his new surroundings.
Despite all of that, Ivan has a sweet nature. He is a beautiful black and white field bred Springer. In his first week with his foster family, he has made some progress. Initially he would not leave his crate. He is encouraged and comforted by the presence of the resident Pug/Chihuahua mix. However, Ivan is startled easily when his canine companion barks to alert the family to outside passersby.
When out on a walk, they met several ladies with their dogs gathered for a doggie play group. Ivan seems to take the presence of a dog to be the “okay” signal for the humans. Additionally, he met and warmed up to one gentleman who was seen petting another dog. Any humans running along the path or seen off in the distance is a cause for concern. Ivan would dash back to the house were he not on a lead. At his foster home he allows the resident cat to walk right past him, receiving only a sniff.
Ivan is a quiet boy; not a bark, whine, or growl has been heard during his first week. He prefers to be with his foster mom or dad under their desks or behind a chair. The first four nights he slept in his crate, but the following three nights he slept in a dog bed next to his foster mom. Several times during the night he raises his nose to her hand to ensure her presence. He also will do a lap around the room and then return to his bed.

It is difficult for Ivan to leave the safety of the house but, once he gets going, he enjoys walking. He keeps a brisk 15 minute mile pace for one mile but does not yet have the stamina enjoyed by most field Springers due to his malnourishment.
For the first couple of days at his foster home Ivan ate everything in his bowl. His foster parents quickly learned that his stomach needs smaller meals. They also tried to increase his nutritional content by mixing wet and dry food together for two meals. Again they learned that they need to be patient with Ivan’s weight gain program.
This good boy does not sniff the counters or trash dive. Other than an upset tummy, which of course was not his fault, Ivan has not had any accidents in the house. He does need to be encouraged to move from his preferred spot to attend to business throughout the day. Transitions from one activity or place to another are difficult for him.
Ivan has the softest ears and fur. He gladly lets his foster mom wipe out his ears, leaning in for a good scratching. He was not used to having his feet handled, as evidenced by his very long nails. However, he now stops at the door for “paws” and nicely allows them to be wiped.
After Ivan settles in a bit more he will visit the vet for a full checkup and nail trimming. He also will be neutered. Patience, patience, patience is the key for Ivan right now. Check back for updates!