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  •  Adopted Sam 15 from MAESSR.  Most wonderful dog ever! Debbie,  VA
  • MAESSR is the best.  Debbie, VA                    
Customer Testimonials
To view a video tribute to MAESSR dogs, click here

Interviewing, OR forms & General Info.

OR Evaluation Guide                                      - Owner relinquishment evaluation guide

Owner Release Form                                      - This form must be signed by a relinquishing owner

 Foster Contract                                               - Contract between MAESSR and Foster Care Providers

First Steps in Fostering                                    - What to do when a dog first comes into a foster home

Interviewing Procedure  
                                   - MAESSR Policies and Procedures for Interviewing Applicants

Telephone Interview Questionaire                       - MAESSR Procedures for Telephone Interviews

Vet Reference Form                                         - Veterinarian Reference Form

Personal Reference Form                                 - Personal Reference Form for perspective adopter with no vet.

Post Adoption Interview Instructions                   - Post adoption interviewing procedures

Post Adoption Interview                                     - Form for post adoption interviews. Click here for the DOC version.
Talking Points for MAESSR Volunteers            - Information about MAESSR and answers to questions, on adoption and etc.