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  • We got Boone from MAESSR when he was 6 years old. He was not dog-friendly and not good with young children, which presented some problems for us.  However, he loved us unconditionally,and he deserved the same from us. We introduced him to swimming.  He was hesitant at first, but he quickly became a water dog.  He loved car rides and just being with his people. We lost Boone very suddenly and unexpectedly on Sept. 11,2018 due to a bleeding tumor in his spleen. It was one month shy of his 13th birthday. He was great up until that last morning.There is a huge hole in our hearts that will never be filled. Even if we get another dog, there will never be another Boone.
    Mary, NC

  • MAESSR is the best.  Debbie, VA                    
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Henry John

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Entered: 07/15/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 10 Months
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 53 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Goochland, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, surgery for a cherry eye complete
Temperament: Good with people of all ages, good with other dogs, cats unknown

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Henry John's Story . . .

Original:  "His foster parents have found Henry to be a wonderful and lovable Springer pup." 
Henry John and his companion, Pete Johnson, came to MAESSR from Tennessee after their owners could no longer keep them due to a move.  The family was sad, but circumstances did not allow the dogs to go with them.


His foster parents have found Henry to be a wonderful and lovable Springer pup.  He is mostly housetrained and has not had any accidents in his foster home.  What a good boy!  Although crate trained, it frequently takes a little extra effort to get Henry in his crate.  He would much rather be with his people! This young boy is an outstanding cuddle bug that wants to play, play and be loved on. 


Henry will be required to attend training classes due to his age.  MAESSR only places puppies in homes that are committed to training and bonding with the pup in obedience classes. Puppies require a lot of care, attention, and patience, and they do chew on things! The decision to get a puppy and raise it to be a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted dog is a serious commitment. To reinforce this commitment, MAESSR requires all adopters of dogs under 1 year old to enroll their puppy in an obedience class within 60 days of adoption. Because Henry is a fast learner, he will truly enjoy the training atmosphere and bonding experience with his new family.


Henry rides well in the car.  His leash manners need some work because he is so excited he wants to go everywhere at once.  In the house, Henry will pilfer items from the counter and he likes to chew on paper.  He has responded very well to correction and is given something appropriate to chew on in exchange.


This cutie pie will be a wonderful addition to any family that is ready for the energy and training needs of a young Springer.