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Gibson 2

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Entered: 10/26/2008
Status: Adopted
Age: 7
Color: Black/White/Tan
Weight: 53 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Bethesda, MD
Health: UTD, HW-, losing to a healthy weight, dental cleaning and evaluation complete, overall good health
Temperament: Good with people as young as seven, good with other dogs, cats unknown

Gibson 2's Story . . . 



Update 03/23/2014:  “When his family returns, Kipling is content to hang out around the house with them and has started to play with some of the toys that they've bought him. “ 


Several walks a day have benefited Gibson, aka Kipling, over the last weeks.  He’s definitely in great shape with the regular exercise and has also lost almost 10 pounds.  He feels good!                                    


Kipling continues to enjoy his foster home and is quite comfortable now.  He loves looking out the window and watching the world pass by.  He’ll run to the window when his foster mom leaves in the morning to peek out at her car driving off.   When his family returns, Kipling is content to hang out around the house with them and has started to play with some of the toys that they've bought him.  He likes to play keep away with one of his toys, but doesn't fetch like many other Springers do.  Perhaps he’s a tease at heart?


He allows guests to pet him, he does not counter-surf, beg for food, or jump up on people.  He always sits when getting his leash on for a walk.   This handsome gent gets along quite well with other dogs and loves to play with them on his daily outings.  When not leaving home on foot, Kipling rides well in the car, remaining in the back seat and not trying to jump up front.


Since his return, Kipling’s family has been working to modify two behaviors.  There’s been progress but he needs to work further on food aggression and grumbling.  He grumbles lightly if you try to pet him when he's lying down to rest.  Frequently, his foster mom will pet him while he's resting, he'll grumble, then she’ll step away; promptly, he’ll get up and go over for her to pet him.   Mealtime remains a bit worrisome for him too.  He will grumble at anyone who approaches him while he's eating.  In the recent weeks as he's become comfortable being with his foster family, Kipling has done much better in both areas.  His family feels that whoever adopts him will be able to work successfully from where they leave off on these behaviors with him.  Patience and consistent guidance will continue his progress.


Kipling’s been easy to have around in his foster home.  He follows his people everywhere, clearly desiring their companionship and eager to offer his to them.  Such a fine boy with so much going for him……..if you’ve a little extra time to consider his further training, you’ll find, as his foster family has, that he’s really a sweet and delightful guy.

Update 02/19/2014:   “Kipling didn't eat for a few days after arriving at his foster home.  Since it wasn't due to dental problems, perhaps a change in lifestyle affect this sweet boy's appetite." 

Great news for Kipling!  His vet visit determined that he is heartworm negative; a dental assessment discovered no problems with his teeth and no extraction necessary.  He did need and receive a thorough cleaning; his teeth are now a sparkling white.

Kipling didn’t eat for a few days after arriving at his foster home.  Since it wasn’t due to dental problems, perhaps a change in lifestyle affected this sweet boy’s appetite.  Now settled into his new environment, he feels comfortable enough to eat his food.  He has shown no food aggression so far, but he generally eats when no one else is in the kitchen to bother him.  What a cautious boy!

Kipling’s foster family finds him to be an absolute delight!  Keep posted for more news on this wonderful MAESSR boy.

Update 02/13/2014:   Kipling's teeth are his major problem; this poor boy's breath is bad and several teeth look rotten."  

Originally a MAESSR boy Gibson, who became Kipling in his adoptive home, had been with his owner for 5 years.  Unfortunately, the owner’s new wife was terribly allergic to Kipling, so he has been returned in search of another loving family.

Kipling is very well behaved.  He is housetrained and knows simple commands like “sit”, “lie down”, and “shake hands.”   He does not counter-surf or jump up on anyone.  Good boy!!  He does very well on a leash, likes playing with other dogs, and has been around teen-aged children.  He’s very sweet and rarely barks.

A trip to the vet indicated that Kipling weighs 61 pounds, so his foster family is helping him lose to a healthier weight.  His ears and eyes are clean and he’s generally healthy.  His temperature was elevated during the exam, so the vet administered fluids to him through an IV.  His family is following up on that to be sure everything is OK.  Kipling’s teeth are his major problem; this poor boy’s breath is bad and several teeth look rotten.  His vet strongly advised that his teeth be cleaned and that at least two be extracted.  The vet took a blood sample to test to be sure Kipling is not allergic to anesthesia; when the results come in, the dental procedure will be scheduled.

Kipling does not play much in the house or outside nor is he very interested in rawhideschewies, tennis balls, or toys.  Possibly his teeth hurt or perhaps he just doesn’t enjoy these things. 

Kipling’s only behavioral issue is that he grumbles when you approach him while he’s eating and when you pet him while he’s lying down or asleep.  His family is working with him to correct this behavior and it has subsided a bit while he’s resting.  His foster mom is able to pet him at times now while he’s lying down……..but not always. 

Aside from the grumbles, Kipling is a wonderful dog.  As so often happens, improved health enables the best of a dog’s personality to shine.  Here’s hoping this gent will be better after his teeth are repaired and that he’ll come to enjoy all lovin’s coming his way.  Keep fingers crossed and check back to follow his progress………………..    
Update 01/15/2009:   “He is not allowed to be the boss in his foster home and he is an absolute doll.”    
In late fall Gibson was adopted by a family and he did well there for several weeks. He then started to guard the wife from the husband. He was returned to MAESSR for more behavioral work.
Gibson has been back in his foster home for quite a while now and has done well. His foster mom believes that he needs a home that will not let him be the boss. He is not allowed to be the boss in his foster home and he is an absolute doll. His foster mom takes things from him on a regular basis and plays in his food bowl while he eats. Gibson is going to be great in the right home. Keep an eye on this handsome youngster!                    
Original:  “Gibson is a wonderful boy that would benefit from an obedience class and structure in his life.” 
Gibson was relinquished by a West Virginia family that just could not handle him. They reported that he was food aggressive and toy possessive. MAESSR felt that he was young enough that these behaviors could easily be retrained.
Gibson has done very well in his foster home. He loves to romp and play with the other dogs. A Velcro boy, he follows his foster mom everywhere. If given the opportunity, Gibson will counter-surf, but is responding well to being told "no.” He loves to ride in the car and is a good passenger. He does get on furniture and would love to sleep in the bed with his foster parents. Totally housetrained, Gibson is also crate trained and will sleep happily all night in the crate.
Gibson's foster mom has been playing with him with toys to see if he will display any toy possessiveness. The only behaviors he has exhibited with toys is playing "keep away" while wagging his tail and play grumbling. He has a really good time! Gibson will drop the toy again in a few minutes and wait for his foster mom to pick it up and play with him again...and again. Gibson's foster mom does not feel that toy possessiveness will be an issue with him.
Gibson grumbled once when he was eating and his foster mom and another dog walked by. He was immediately told that was not acceptable. This behavior has not been repeated and his foster mom frequently pets him while he eats.
Gibson is a wonderful boy that would benefit from an obedience class and structure in his life. He wants so badly for you to be pleased with him that he tries extra hard. He's going to be someone's devoted pal!