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Frankie 3

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Entered: 12/13/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 10
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 51 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: State College, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, some tarter buildup
Temperament: Good with teens and adults, good with other dogs, unknown with cats

Frankie 3's Story . . .

Update 01/15/2014:   “His family reiterates the point...........'Did I mention he's a pretty agile 10?' If Frankie's people aren't in the room, he has no interest in the room."
With a month in foster care, Frankie’s family has a great handle on this sweet guy.  He's spunky, energetic and agile for 10 years old and only has a couple of very minor idiosyncrasies. The few reactive episodes they’ve experienced with him were small.  One was when his foster mom accidentally stepped on his foot, and, a similar “stumble into him" moment happened when his foster dad had two dogs on leashes and tripped. In both cases, Frankie grumbled and turned with alarm but his protest ended there. He has grumbled when he's on one end of the dog couch which he may equate with some high-value position.  For this reason his family would recommend him to a family with teens, rather than one with smaller children.
More on what makes Frankie the personable individual that he is…………Frankie loves to snuggle, especially putting his head under someone's knee or arm. He has moved into the resident dog’s bed and sleeps with her.  In the time he's been with his family, it's been cold and snowy, so not much has been stirring outdoors……..people or animals. When Frankie’s stepped out, though, he's been a relaxed leash walker.  Watching how Frankie races after squirrels on the long leash in yard, though, does make one think he might do the same if he saw them on walks. He has been pleasant with all the various family, coming and going through the holidays and with a couple of young men who met him as dog sitters.  He follows everyone around from room to room with the rest of the dogs in his home.
Generally Frankie’s a little reserved and shy.  He has barked only at squirrels who torture him outside the window in the yard.  He also barks in excitement to go outside; of course, everyone barks and dances around when getting leashes attached.  He has now and then scratched at the door to go out, but rarely needs to; his family is in and out with the dogs pretty often and regularly. Since he lived with a dog in his original home and lives with dogs in foster care, his family doesn’t really know how he'd behave if he were alone for long periods. They do know that he will bark if he's not with his people when they’re home!
There’s a bit of mischief in this imp.  He has excavated the small open bathroom waste baskets but hasn't bothered the office trash which mostly contains paper.  He hasn’t pursued the lidded kitchen trash, though he doesn't have access to it if his family’s gone. He doesn't jump a strategic baby gate when his family is not home but has easily jumped one to join his people in a room.  His family reiterates the point……….”Did I mention he's a pretty agile 10?” If Frankie’s people aren't in the room, he has no interest in the room.
Frankie will still shadow chase but can be diverted with attention and/or activity. He hasn't shown any interest in toys, bones, or playing. He's not strongly treat-motivated but will politely accept some treats, such as dried liver, peanut butter on a pinch of bread, or the last licks in a yogurt cup. He's a relatively slow kibble eater so his family fends off the other 2 dogs as Frankie will leave his bowl if they move in. He's not had any guarding issues with food.
The short of it on Frankie is this……….he loves and needs affection.  If you do too, he’ll be a perfect match for you!!! 

Original:   He likes to lean against someone's leg and have his head petted,until he melts into a belly rub.”  
This Pennsylvanian had lived with his owner since he was 6 months old.  Unfortunately, when the owner lost her rental home and was forced to move with short notice, she couldn’t take Frankie with her. In need of help, she turned to a local rescue which emailed MAESSR and took in Frankie’s buddy, a German shepherd.  Thank heavens for rescues!
Since arriving at his foster home, Frankie has settled in with the two resident springers (an 11 year-old neutered male and a 10 year-old spayed female) with no issues.  He’s walked well with them both and has been non-reactive to passing dogs on leash.  Since there is no fenced yard at Frankie’s foster home, he hasn't been off leash outside but logs regular walks on a normal leash as well as a 25 foot line. He clearly would love to chase the squirrels.  There are healthy rabbit populations in the area too and, in his brain, they are just big squirrels that don't climb trees.  He doesn't pull excessively when walking, except when the small game dart in front of him.
Frankie’s been a model housemate since his arrival.  There have been no accidents, no destructive behaviors, and he has adapted well to the family routine.  Through his first night, crating was attempted but didn’t go well; he cried and scratched at the crate continuously.  This was also his response to crating after his neutering and subsequent daylong stay at the vet hospital.  Aside crating there, the vet staff commented on how pleasant and sweet he was.  He also impressed his groomer who said she had no trouble bathing and trimming him.  Back in his foster home, Frankie has accepted a dog bed on the floor beside his foster dad and will sleep the night through.
All the dogs in his foster home are allowed free run of the house when the family is home and are gated in the TV room/sunroom when the family is gone. Frankie has respected the gate and will sleep on the "dog furniture" there with the others.  He has shown no interest in the lidded kitchen garbage can but has investigated the small open trash baskets in the bathrooms, showing a distinct preference for used Q-tips. Those baskets now live at counter level! 
Another behavior his foster family has noticed about Frankie is that he does chase shadows.  He will periodically roam through the house, staring at the fans and the ceilings. The behavior hasn't been incessant and can be redirected with attention, a short walk outside, or at bedtime with turning out the lights and closing the door.
Frankie LOVES people and attention, but doesn't typically jump up or bark. He likes to lean against someone's leg and have his head petted, until he melts into a belly rub. While there are no small children in his foster family, he has met and enjoyed napping with the college-age son home for break, and has calmly greeted other adult family members who've been in and out of the house. He needs to be with his people where ever they are.  He needs to be right alongside the other two dogs too, so it's often a continuous parade from one room to another…….:)).
Frankie has shown no interest in any toys, or desire to play with the resident Springers.  He has shown no resource guarding, and his foster family can reach into and around his food dish with no reaction.  He's a more discriminating eater than the two resident Springers. After initially turning down treats, he will accept, in a delicate and dignified way, liver treats and a pinch of bread with peanut butter.  He will ignore the dry kibble until a little warm water is stirred in with a smidgen of something tasty, like some meat juice. It may be sensitive teeth, or unfamiliar texture, but the other two dogs probably wonder why they never thought of it.
Overall, Frankie is a sweet, calm and well-behaved fellow.  He is adjusting very nicely to new experiences and situations.  He would be a perfect addition for an owner or family who are home a great deal, or who perhaps have another dog for company while at work.  To keep him fit and happy, he would enjoy regular moderate exercise or perhaps a fenced yard for squirrel chasing.  Frankie’s almost ready to ring in 2014 with his new family.  If he’s the match for you, please let the foster home coordinators know now!