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  •  Adopted Sam 15 from MAESSR.  Most wonderful dog ever! Debbie,  VA
  • MAESSR is the best.  Debbie, VA                    
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Foster Home Documents

                                                Foster Folder Documents

  Folder Instructions                                - Documents to include in folder

  For Front of Folder                             - To be attached to folder below flap

  Congratulation Letter                             - Include your contact information for the adoptive home

  Medical Information                               - Dogs medical information and shot records

  Veterinary Checklist                              - Checklist of the services MAESSR needs for dog   

  Heartworm Agreement                           - This agreement needs to be signed and return with adoption contract

  For dogs on medications                        - Must be signed if dog is on lifetime or long term medication

  Microchip Reg. (New Chip)                    - Information page when using Found Animal Registry

  Adoption Contract                                 - To be completed for every dog adopted from MAESSR