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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Entered: 10/01/2012
Status: Rainbow Bridge
Age: 11
Color: Black/White
Weight: 59 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Langhorne, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, continuing treatment for severe skin allergies, benefiting from medication
Health Cont.: and a supplement for arthritis, treatment for multiple infections complete, compromised hearing
Temperament: Good with adults, unknown with children, good with other dogs, unknown with cats

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Eureka's Story . . .


Update 4/15/2013:  "After 6 months as a MAESSR boy, Eureka has crossed the Bridge."

After 6 months as a MAESSR boy, Eureka has crossed the Bridge.

He began to exhibit changes in behavior that made his family feel he was suffering from some additional malady. They took him to the vet because of increased food aggressiveness and the fact that he tried to break through a gate to a grandson on the other side. The vet reviewed his symptoms………his skin issues, his food aggressiveness, thirst and weight loss………all of which led her to think he was suffering from either Cushings or a brain tumor. Given the serious nature of either prospect as well as his age and increasingly alarming behavior, his family chose what they felt was best for Eureka.

If imperfect due to his persistent health issues, his family gave Eureka what may have been the best months of his life and a peaceful passing. He’ll surely be waiting for them to catch up someday. Godspeed to another precious senior.

Update 02/26/2013: "Eureka’s status has changed to permanent foster because of his age and skin issues."

Eureka’s status has changed to permanent foster because of his age and skin issues. His allergies appear to be severe, but his foster family has put him on an allergy diet and has tried to medicate him to ensure his comfort. The itching has gotten better, but he has lost a lot of fur due to the constant licking; this may now be a habit with him. Since over-the-counter medications have had limited success, Eureka will visit the vet soon to see if another method can be found to lessen his excessive licking.

The age-related malady, arthritis, is quite bad in Eureka’s back legs. If he falls on the tile floor, he cannot get up by himself. He recently had problems in the snow because his feet kept slipping on a ramp that he was required to navigate. Eureka does love to eat the snow, however, and made it his mission to clear the deck of the offending white stuff!

Food is one of Eureka’s top priorities, and he will hop around barking incessantly when he thinks it is time to eat. He has a great internal clock. If it gets to be three minutes past his 6:00 PM dinner time, he will start his serenade to point out his foster parents’ tardiness! Eureka also knows when his parents are due home; he always waits at the gate with his foster brothers. His deafness causes some comedy, however, since he will face the gate and watch for them even though the other two dogs have left to greet them at a different door. Although startled when given a pat from the rear, Eureka quickly recovers and lunges up to give his parents his usual greeting!

Eureka does not seem to mind young children as long as they are gentle with him. His parents’ biggest concern is the possibility of a startle response due to his lack of hearing. Their management techniques appear to have helped, and there have been no problems thus far.

A good boy who does not chew or destroy anything inappropriate, Eureka’s bedding is the only item that has been an issue. He loves to pick at his bed until he is fully satisfied that it’s at peak comfort level before he’s ready to lie down. The result is shredded bedding; he is now on his third bed!

Eureka certainly hit the jackpot when he became a MAESSR boy. He’s receiving excellent health care, quality food, and lots of love. This content boy is definitely enjoying his comfortable life!

Update 12/19/2012:  "Eureka is Houdini in reverse; he breaks INTO tough long as they contain food."

Houdini typically broke out of tough places. Eureka is Houdini in reverse; he breaks INTO tough long as they contain food. Possessing one of the best sniffers his foster parents have ever seen, Eureka knows just where the food is hidden.

Recent shenanigans have caused a bit of head scratching by his foster parents. In his quest for food, Eureka discovered a way to pull out a cabinet drawer and then open the interior bread drawer. After consuming an entire loaf of wheat bread, it became obvious that Eureka is allergic to wheat, at least in large quantities. He began to lick and scratch following this incident and it was necessary to give him an antihistamine to provide some relief. After some hot spots developed on a leg and his stomach, the antihistamine was increased and the hot spots are being treated to prevent infection.

With all that going on, you would think he would relax and sleep more during the day, but not Eureka! Success and opportunity merely set the stage for another drawer raid. This time he ate an entire loaf of raisin bread! Well, raisins are not good for dogs but Eureka seemed unaffected by them. On the other hand, he became itchier and proceeded to remove some of his belly fur from all of the licking. After a vet consultation, Eureka's antihistamine was increased and he's now wearing an Elizabethan collar to protect his belly. Meanwhile, his foster parents have halted the bread drawer raids by doing a little kitchen remodeling. A moveable island has been strategically positioned in front of the drawer to thwart Eureka!

With bread off of the menu, Eureka has gone to Plan B: raid the oven! With the smell of chicken wafting from the oven, this determined chow hound opened the oven door! His foster parents are convinced that if Eureka can open the oven, he's probably smart enough to figure out how to get out of his special collar!

Because Eureka is so food driven, it's important for his new family to know that he does guard food. While he doesn't go after food that another dog is eating, if the dog leaves it behind Eureka will claim it. Since he cannot hear, Eureka doesn't understand any command to drop or leave the food. In those situations, he needs to be approached cautiously.

Aside from his food issues, Eureka's foster family finds him to be very well-mannered, laid back, and sweet boy. His new family will need to be one step ahead of him as his extreme intelligence makes him a force to be reckoned with! Are you smarter than a Springer Spaniel? Then Eureka might be the perfect fit in your home!

Update 11/12/2012:  "He now enjoys the attention he has been getting and loves being petted and fawned over." 

Eureka is fully recovered from his infections and is a whole new dog! His nose no longer runs due to a daily dose of an over-the-counter medication. His ears and eyes have been cleared up and, although he still cannot hear, his nose and eyes more than make up for that. He is much more active now and no longer coughs or sounds like he is having difficulty breathing. The discomfort of arthritis has eased with treatment too. Eureka is receiving a medication and supplement for this and the combo is really helping him to move around with much more ease. Friends who had seen him at his worst cannot believe how far he has come. Eureka!!!

This gent sleeps downstairs by himself with no problems. No chances taken on the long flight of stairs with his hips. Eureka obviously would prefer people food to dog food. He has managed to get into the bread drawer and devour two whole loaves of bread at once! He knows the routine of the house and is always the first in the kitchen when his foster mom is ready to cook! He does not seem to have any desire to destroy material goods but you must watch him at all times if food is around!

Short-changed in the lovin's area, Eureka's foster parents are trying to make up for that! He now enjoys the attention he has been getting and loves being petted and fawned over. He does bark at people who come to visit and at neighbors in the yard but he warms up to new friends very quickly. He has many more wonderful years and would love to have a family to share that time with him.

Original:  "A true couch potato, Eureka's his favorite spot is the dog bed in front of the TV where he can keep his foster family and the resident dogs all in sight."  

At eleven years of age, sweet Eureka was dumped at a very crowded, urban Maryland animal control facility with his owners saying they "just didn't want him anymore." A volunteer form another rescue was checking out another dog there and saw Eureka. This volunteer contacted MAESSR about him saying he was friendly but very scared, and since he had been there for a week already, his time was up. So, Eureka became a MAESSR boy and started a new life.

This sweet, senior Springer was really in need of some love and attention, having been neglected for some time. He is happy to be receiving lots of both from his foster parents. A visit to the vet's office was one of the first things Eureka did with them and he was a very good boy during his exam. The vet found he had infections in his ears and eyes as well as a respiratory infection which was causing his nose to drain quite a bit. Antibiotics and medicated drops were ordered and Eureka is fairly compliant with this treatment. He is fine with his ear drops but is not happy to have to endure the eye drops. He is very smart so his foster parents have to approach him quickly and do the deed as fast as possible!

The vet also discovered that Eureka suffers from a condition of his trachea which causes him to sound like a freight train when he gets excited. This condition is benign and life-long. He also has some weakness in his back legs due to arthritis and age. His foster parents have started him on joint supplements to help his arthritis.

A true couch potato, Eureka's his favorite spot is the dog bed in front of the TV where he can keep his foster family and the resident dogs all in sight. He is deaf so he is not bothered by any noises. He is doing well with his two canine foster brothers since he is a low energy boy. Housetrained and able to hold his urine for up to nine hours, Eureka does not need to be crated. He clearly signals his need to go out by going to the door. At night he sleeps in the family room because he finds it difficult to navigate the stairs to the bedrooms upstairs. Eureka does not appear to be able to jump up on furniture due to his back leg weakness. He does not chew or play with toys so far but that may change once his infections clear up.

It was apparent to his foster parents that Eureka has been used to people food since he is not happy with plain dog food. His foster parents have been doctoring it up with some gravy and he likes that! Yum! Grooming made Eureka nervous, but he was still good for the process. He allowed his foster parents to groom his feet and ears without objecting. Good boy! Eureka's arthritis does not preclude his desire to go for a stroll; he loves going for a walk and can be walked off leash as he stays with his human. He also responds to some hand signals such as "come."

Soon, his forever family will be shouting "eureka" as they express triumph at discovering what a loving dog he is, one full of life and ready to be an integral part of his new family. Watch for more on Eureka as he regains his health!