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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Ellie IV

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Entered: 02/23/2013
Status: Adopted
Age: 10
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 53 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Richmond, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, treatment for a UTI complete, lick granuloma improving,
Health Cont.: benefiting from a supplement for healthy skin, benefiting from a supplement and meds for arthritis,
Health Contd.: laser treatment to reduce scar tissue complete,
Health Conts.: a fatty tumor which does not require treatment, has achieved a healthy weight
Temperament: Good with people as young as 7, generally good with dogs, cats unknown

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Ellie IV's Story . . .
Update 08/22/2013:  "Exactly how many days is it until September 21st?  Ellie knows……….. she’s been counting down for months!!
All is well in Ellie's world, except for a UTI again.  She’s hoping that the new medicine will fix her right up!  You see, Ellie has her heart set on the upcoming Richmond Springerfest and has no intention of letting anything sidetrack her.  Such an opportunity to turn on her charm!  Her collapsible crate and cushion are packed.  She has a party hat picked out for the gathering and promises to take a few extras for other pups who want to join her in a group picture.  Besides being four-paw fun, she’s thinking that will surely get her onto MAESSR’s Facebook page!   Go for it, Miss Ellie!!! 


On the home front, Ellie is adjusting to another fellow foster dog.  She grumbles at him at times but he is pretty submissive to her so coexistence is possible. She still covets her toys and enjoys a good nap on the sofa with her foster daddy.  These days, just life in general is good for Ellie. 
In case you’re wondering………there’s still time to join Ellie and others for a great day of fun, treats, games, treats, food, treats, raffles and oh, yes, treats around for all good dogs……… in Richmond.   Exactly how many days is it until September 21st?  Ellie knows……….. she’s been counting down for months!!

Update 07/09/2013: "While she still licks her granuloma, with a "leave it" command, she knows to stop."  
Ellie is doing so well minus the “Cone of Shame.”  She is so happy go-lucky these days!   While she still licks her granuloma, with a "leave it" command, she knows to stop.  It must be a bad habit at this point.  Her foster parents just keep tossing her toys as a distraction, and she is thrilled with that.
Ellie remains toy and treat possessive with other dogs, but not her people.  However, removing a coveted butcher’s bone from her might require a trade for a fun toy or a piece of cheese.
To help with some age-related dry skin and fur, Ellie is now taking a supplement and the results are showing.  Her coat is coming back in beautifully!  This good looking girl is going to be in tip-top shape come Richmond picnic time.  And Ellie can be quite the charmer, so be forewarned!  Her foster mom credits another MAESSR adopter as saying “dogs with eyebrows have a deep soul.”  Apparently this observation fits Ellie perfectly.  At times she wanders around her backyard contemplating life; upon completing her stroll, she decides it’s time to come in for supper.
Chances are, Ellie is figuring out the meaning of life:  toys, treats, giving and receiving lots of love, and supper.  Wouldn’t you like to take this journey with this sweet senior?

Update 06/12/2013:  "Ellie often can be found snuggling with her foster daddy on the sofa."

Ellie continues to show her foster family her true self more and more each day. She has really come out of her shell. She is such a sweetie who loves to snuggle and give kisses to her people!

The Cone of Shame has been removed, which is to Ellie’s liking. The reason for its removal, however, is due to Ellie’s thinking skills. She found a way to lick her granuloma even with it on!

Ellie often can be found snuggling with her foster daddy on the sofa, or just snuggling in her corner on her bed. Her weight is now a fit 53 pounds, which is perfect for her. On a recent vet visit, the staff was amazed at how great she looked and that she was jumping up for some attention just like a 2 year old!

Her foster family believes that Ellie would be best as an only dog. She remains toy possessive with all dogs and really wants to be the ONLY dog snuggling with her foster daddy on the sofa. She will give her canine foster brother a warning grumble when he gets too close to her coveted spot. She is fine with other dogs, but really prefers her people.

Look for Miss Ellie at the Richmond picnic in September. She’ll be the cutie showing off her new figure!

Update 05/11/2013:  "Despite her cone, she is ALWAYS smiling! ALWAYS!"

Miss Ellie has worked hard to achieve her make-over. She actually lost too much weight at one point and her family had to give her cooked pasta to put mass back on……such a problem!! At her last vet visit, Ellie checked in at 55 pounds. With many pounds shed, she is at a healthy weight now and proudly shows off her perfect body size.

She continues to wear a cone, a fabric one so she is comfortable. Without the cone, she licks the granuloma on her leg. She had fur growing nicely there; healing was progressing and the site looked AWESOME. Then, one night she got her cone off and, you guessed it………the site tore open again to the point of bleeding. Poor, poor Ellie…… :(. There’s reason to think that, due to a previous surgery, nerves are sending a message to her leg that it itches or hurts, in turn causing her to lick – constantly - without a cone. If the vet is correct on this, Ellie may have to live with a cone indefinitely which actually doesn’t bother her much at all. Despite her cone, she is ALWAYS smiling! ALWAYS!

Wearing her cone doesn’t diminish Ellie’s appreciation of life’s simple pleasures. She LOVES her toys and her toys are HERS. She is possessive of them with other dogs, though not with people. Toward stepping out, someone recently told her about Springerfest picnics. She’s pumped for attending the Richmond event where she can meet other springers and their families……… maybe even her adopting family.

Ellie’s a dog who has enjoyed rich human companionship all her life. She’s ready for a soul mate who will love her through her senior years. That caring person must be willing to help her deal with her “cone,” (should it be a permanent fixture in her life), yet will take it in stride as Ellie does. Leisurely daily walks with a smiling, well-mannered friend at the end of your leash…………what could be better! Give this beautiful gal a chance. Miss Ellie won’t disappoint. And if you take her to the picnic, she’ll beam for sure!!!!

Update 04/08/2013:  "Her arthritis meds are kicking in and she is building strength, where she had very little before."

Miss Ellie has moved to the Short Pump area in Richmond to be with her sister, Maddie. Though they are not bonded (do not sleep together, etc.), it was felt the move was best for Ellie's continued healing and Maddie's anxiety.

Ellie's lick granuloma is healing but still needs more time to be complete. She is wearing the “cone of shame” almost non-stop to keep her from licking the site on her leg. Don't worry………it’s the soft design, so she is comfortable! The wound looks much better than when she first came into foster care, but again, it will take time.

There’s other progress for this classy senior right now. Ellie is starting to really get a handle on the stairs in her foster home! Her arthritis meds are kicking in and she is building strength, where she had very little before. She lost weight in her previous foster home and continues to lose weight since her move, all to show off her real girlish figure!

This gal has turned a corner and is steadily headed toward better health. In due season, she’ll say good-by her safety collar and can sport a fashionable one to snap her tags and leash on. Between now and then, there’s nothing stopping her from moving on to her adopting home. As was clear since the day she became a MAESSR girl, if you’re looking for a wonderful and mature sidekick, look no further than Ellie!!

Original:  "Ellie is a very sweet girl who just wants to be with her people and be loved on."

Ellie and her littermate, Maddie, had lived in a very loving Pennsylvania home since they were pups. Their owner, who loved them like children, unfortunately passed away. As they had never been separated in 10 years, the owner's daughter tried very hard to find the girls a home together. Having no success, she turned to MAESSR for help. Knowing that it would be easier to find them each a new family, and to see how the dogs would cope with separation, MAESSR has placed Ellie and Maddie in different foster homes. The girls are doing very well, so it is hoped that they can find new homes soon.

In 2011, Ellie had a large tumor removed from her right front shoulder. The vets had a very hard time getting the resulting wound to heal. The tumor has since returned and, after consulting with the MAESSR vet, the decision was made to leave the regrowth in place. It was felt that the risk of putting Ellie under anesthesia and attempting the surgery a second time were not worth the risk to her. The tumor is not cancerous, and it does not curtail her movements. Ellie was recently treated for a lick granuloma for her left front leg; it is believed that she was licking it to relieve pain. She has been started on a quality joint supplement and pain medications, and this combination has really improved her mobility. She also is receiving laser treatments to help with the pain from the previous surgery's scar tissue. This should really make her feel better!

This well behaved girl provides good watchdog duties, barking when someone comes to or near the house. She does not dig, chew, jump the fence, submissively urinate or jump up on people. Food is a big draw for Ellie, however, so she does beg for food and has been known to countersurf when something up there smells yummy. In the past, she has been groomed at the vet where she was muzzled for handling of feet or ears.

For fun, Ellie enjoys going for walks, chasing a ball, and carrying around a stuffed animal. Ellie is a very sweet girl who just wants to be with her people and be loved on.

Join the ranks of the many adoptive families who have discovered the benefits and joy of opening their doors to senior Springers. If you are looking for a wonderful and mature sidekick, look no further than Ellie.