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Dee II

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Entered: 07/01/2012
Status: Rainbow Bridge
Age: 12
Color: Black/White
Weight: 54 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, Lyme-, continuing medication to combat major skin issues,
Health Cont.: Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism responding well to medication,
Health Contd.: emerging skin tag that requires no treatment, benign shoulder growth removed, some hearing loss
Temperament: Good with people of all ages and sizes, reactive to some dogs, unknown with cats

Dee II's Story . . .
Update 08/18/2013:  She was a very brave little girl who fought the good fight right up to the end, and kept her wonderful springer attitude virtually all the time.”


A short time ago, it seemed that days ahead for Dee looked promising.  Unfortunately, the wellness she sought and so deserved was not meant-to-be. It is with great sadness that her foster dad and champion for over a year reports that Dee is now at the Bridge.
About 2 weeks ago, what had appeared to be weakness in her hips led to her falling occasionally.  As time progressed, she began to stumble and fall more regularly. And over the last week, indications that something greater was amiss began to appear. When blood appeared in her urine, she was taken immediately to the emergency vet.  The vet felt there were numerous major issues and that diagnosing and treating them would take a herculean effort.  He also felt it would only buy her a few days, so the decision was made to let her be at peace. Dee crossed over while her foster dad held her in his arms.
Words from her foster dad reveal a side of Dee that may have been overlooked in her story and are a loving tribute to their time together…………..
”Dee was the sweetest dog, and was loved by all the children and adults in the neighborhood. Just last week, one of the neighborhood children stopped me to tell me that I had the nicest dog that he had ever seen. Dee could be stubborn at times and could be very insistent about where we were going to walk or what we were going to do.  But even with her hips failing over the last weeks, she always would greet me when I arrived home with her favorite tennis ball and would chase after it enthusiastically when I threw it. She would stumble and fall occasionally while we were playing ball, but her happiness to see me and play would overcome her weaknesses."

"Her health issues are well documented on her page, but now her suffering has ended. No more of the many, many baths that she had come to dislike, no more pills at all hours of the day, and no more scratching and itching. I will certainly miss the way she would peek around the corner into the kitchen when I was making food for her or myself, or the way she would raise her head in near ecstasy when I was scratching a particularly itchy spot. I will miss playing ball with her when I get home, and will miss walks with her. She was a very brave little girl who fought the good fight right up to the end, and kept her wonderful springer attitude virtually all the time. There is another angel dog in Heaven tonight.”

Update 08/03/2013:   "To further improvement in her skin, Dee is on an extended course of the antibiotics." 

No news is good news with Dee.  She’s responding well to medications for her Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism.  With effective management of both of these conditions, her skin problems are her only remaining challenge. 
To further improvement in her skin, Dee is on an extended course of the antibiotics.  When that’s done in another week, everyone will be keeping fingers crossed for her.  She is still getting medicated baths, although there’s been a temporary halt to them since a recent grooming.  Even though her foster dad explained to the groomer about Dee’s skin condition and that clipping with a shaver would need to go very slowly and gently, Dee came home with irritated skin in several locations.  It is not the skin infection coming back……it’s just irritation.  After this clears, which should be in a few days, her medicated baths will resume.  Right now, this may not seem like much to report, but for Dee, it’s a sign of solid progress toward much improved health.  There couldn’t  be better news for Miss Dee!!
Update 06/28/2013:  "After seeing a skin specialist, Dee was placed on antibiotics which cleared her skin in just a few days; however, within a week after the meds were finished, the infection began to return."
Dee’s medical report is somewhat discouraging mixed with a bit of positive news.
After seeing a skin specialist, Dee was placed on antibiotics which cleared her skin in just a few days.  Her skin remained clear for the duration of the 20-day course of treatment; however, within a week after the meds were finished, the infection began to return.  Two weeks later, her skin infection looked as bad as it had previously.  This was a huge letdown for Dee ’s foster dad, who thought this sweet girl possibly had turned the corner with this treatment.
Dee’s specialist, too, was discouraged by the return of the infection, and placed her back on the antibiotics for a 25-day course of treatment.  He added treatment for scabies, along with restarting twice-weekly medicated baths.  His major concern is this particular bacteria’s ability to mutate and become resistant to the current antibiotic which, unfortunately, is the only one available to treat it.  If this round of treatment fails, and the bacteria becomes resistant to the antibiotic, Dee will be low on options.  One possible option would interfere with the effectiveness of Dee ’s Cushing’s medicine.  It is hoped that her current treatment will take hold and less desirable alternatives will be unnecessary to explore.
On a positive note, Dee’s foster dad reports that her skin is already improving after just two days back on her medication, so the bacteria has not yet become resistant to it.  Small victories are appreciated, indeed.
Through all of Dee ’s treatment she continues to fight the good fight.  She has an unfailingly good attitude even though she chews and scratches more, and occasionally is uncomfortable.  Please keep Dee and her foster dad in your thoughts as her treatment continues.
Update 05/15/2013:  "In order to better assess Dee’s problematic skin and provide her with relief, she will be visiting a skin specialist."

Dee’s ongoing battle with skin issues continues. While a newer medication appeared to hold the line on her regular skin problems for several weeks, it was not able to ward off the infections permanently. Her skin is beginning to show signs of returning infections.

In addition to this on-going condition, Dee has developed some small boils on her skin, including one on her side and one on her face. Since the one on her side was larger, it was biopsied and, fortunately, discovered to be benign. The vet performed some treatment and was able to remove some fluid from it, and it has begun to shrink. The one on her face was drained and is completely gone. No other boils have appeared, so that is some positive news.

In order to better assess Dee’s problematic skin and provide her with relief, she will be visiting a skin specialist. This sweet girl deserves an easier life and one with the least health complications possible. Please keep Dee in your thoughts………and her foster dad too. He has been her champion through a long ordeal. Together they have never lost faith that there are brighter days ahead for her.

Update 03/23/2013:  "Despite having the worst skin her vet has ever seen, Dee has a beautiful coat of fur."

It happens. Foster dogs don’t always progress steadily toward adoption. Sometimes, they take 3 steps forward and then 2 back, despite excellent veterinary oversight and ever-vigilant care by their families. This seems to be Dee’s pace as she’s experienced some setbacks recently.

Her skin is clear at times, but never for long. She is starting on a new medication that the vet hopes will break the cycle of relapses and all are hopeful this will work. Despite having the worst skin her vet has ever seen, Dee has a beautiful coat of fur. Her pictures say much about her steps forward!

Throughout all, Dee keeps up her wonderful springer attitude. She greets her foster family with a wagging tail and a tennis ball whenever they come home. She remains playful and happy most of the time. However, there are times when her skin condition makes her uncomfortable. When this happens, a good medicated bath and some TLC helps her out of her doldrums. Keep thinking good thoughts for Dee as she continues her struggle toward better health…………

Update 01/07/2013:  "Her Cushings condition has stabilized. This is great news for Dee and her family!"

Dee has been blessed with some positive health news. Another blood test to evaluate the effect of her Cushings medications was done and the results came back the same as with the previous test. This means that her med levels are staying the same. The meds have been kept at the same level now for over three months, so her Cushings condition has stabilized. This is great news for Dee and her family!

While a slight skin infection persists, it is not nearly as severe as before. Dee has responded very well to the medicated shampoo for her seborrhea, and her fur is not nearly as oily as it was. She needs another week or two of baths to ensure that her seborrhea is under control, but it looks like the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. A new skin tag has emerged under a front leg and should be watched but doesn’t require treatment at this time.

Through all of this, Dee’s wonderful temperament continues to shine through. Stay tuned as this sweet girl and her foster family work toward changing her status to “available.”

Update 11/25/2012:  "Overall, Dee’s health is stabilizing and her energy levels are good."

Positive news for Dee is truly welcomed! She recently had a test of her serum levels for her Cushings disease. While still reading in the “gray” area, the numbers were once again stable, so her meds are being kept at the current level. This is good news since it is the longest that Dee has been at the same daily dosage of her medication.

The latest skin infection is clearing up, but she has developed a bad case of seborrhea, which causes her to have extremely oily fur. She has started on a new medicated shampoo to treat this condition which, it is hoped, will be cleared up in a few weeks.

Overall, Dee’s health is stabilizing and her energy levels are good. She is one happy little girl, especially now that she is not scratching and biting herself from the skin infections. Despite her skin problems, Dee’s coat has grown in very nicely and is actually beautiful. She has come a long way, but she still has this last hurdle to jump before she is ready for her forever home. Keep your fingers crossed for continued progress for Dee.

Update 10/08/2012:  "Dee has enjoyed many gains since becoming a MAESSR girl."

Dee has enjoyed many gains since becoming a MAESSR girl. She has also experienced some setbacks but, with her family, she is fighting through them. Here's her latest.

At her last vet check, the news for Dee was not good as hoped. Her cortisol levels trended higher again, resulting in yet another increase in her medication to manage Cushing's disease. The good news is that the new med levels have been effective and she is no longer showing the symptoms of Cushing's. Unfortunately, this response has happened with previous med level increases after a few weeks. She will go back to the vet soon for another test on her cortisol levels. Hoping for stability at her next check-up.

Another bit of bad news is that her skin infection as come back strongly. She is not losing any of the beautiful and very soft fur she has grown, but her skin is getting very rough and the infection has spread significantly. Her foster family has restarted medicated baths with her, 2-3 times per week, and she is back on antibiotics.

Something new: Dee has developed aggression toward other dogs, the result of being surprised from behind by another dog a few weeks ago. Her family will be taking her to a trainer toward helping her get past this experience and resulting behavior. Even though she is feeling poorly again, Dee is still a happy little girl as long as other dogs are not around. She still likes to play ball and go for walks. She is great with people of all sizes and ages.

Dee is a great Springer working hard with her family for a better life. Please keep her and her family in your very best thoughts. . . . .

Update 08/08/2012:  "Since she started medication for Cushings disease, Dee's very frequent trips outside have reduced significantly."

With thorough vetting and continual care by a very committed foster family, Dee's making progress on her many health issues. Some are now behind her, some require continuing treatment, and one, the Cushings disease, will be with Dee for the rest of her life. Though a serious disease, catching and treating Cushings can greatly improve a dog's quality of life. Fingers crossed for Dee!

Now for her latest details............Dee has had surgery to remove a wart-like growth from her shoulder; the vet recommended a biopsy on it. The results came in and the growth was benign, so great news there! Since the growth was removed, her skin has begun to look better, and, the large golf-ball size growth on her left flank has started to shrink.

Her medicated baths had to be suspended for a while because of the surgery, and, there was no regression in her skin condition. To ensure continued progress, though, the baths have restarted. Dee is on a new antibiotic that seems to be helping with the infection too. The lighter colored areas of her skin no longer have the angry pink color they had. They're now turning a healthy shade of pink. The rear part of her belly is still in pretty bad shape with the infection but she is feeling better already and expects to heal completely from this miserable affliction.

When the results of Dee's thyroid testing came back, she was diagnosed as having low thyroid and has been started on an inexpensive daily med to adjust her levels to normal. This correction should help with her skin too.

Since she started medication for Cushings disease, Dee's very frequent trips outside have reduced significantly. She can now stay in the house all day by herself while her foster family is at work without having any accidents.........more great news!!

Her teeth were examined while she was under for the surgery and are in good shape, except for one broken canine. It doesn't bother her at all and does not need to be removed. With clearing skin, it was also discovered during her surgery that Dee was spayed in the less thing to attend to...............yeah!!

Dee may be a little hard of hearing, but she's certainly not deaf. Overall, she is doing well, and wearing out her foster dad's throwing arm from lots of ball playing. She still is shy around people, but she has shown some signs of coming out of her shell. She still doesn't like to be petted too much, but she has been improving a little as her skin heals and touch is more pleasurable for her. She has started to ask for belly rubs occasionally..................always a good sign......:)).

Please keep her in your very best thoughts and check back again for news on her continuing progress.....................

Original:  "She is getting medicated baths every other day and these appear to be helping."

Dee was found as a stray, walking out of a Pennsylvania swamp into the backyard of a volunteer for a local animal shelter. She was turned over to MAESSR and placed in foster care.

Upon arrival in her foster home, it was obvious that Dee had a significant skin infection. After a quick trip to the vet, Dee received antibiotics for this infection and a medicated wash for her foster family to use on her. She is getting medicated baths every other day and these appear to be helping. Dee sits very nicely as she is being bathed and does not fuss at all in the tub. In her initial vet visit, it was determined that Dee has Cushings disease too, and she has been started on medication for that. Since the vet is focusing on clearing her skin issues first and treating her Cushings, Dee will receive her doggie vaccinations at a later date; the vet is concerned about adding too many variables into her system at a given time.

An absolute gem in her foster home, Dee does not counter-surf or try to get on furniture. She takes biscuits very nicely and has responded to basic commands like "sit" and "down." Curiously, flights of stairs seem to be a new experience for her, but she is catching on quickly, even though she has had a couple small tumbles. Luckily, her foster house has small flights of stairs so small tumbles aren't a catastrophe.

Although completely housetrained, crate training is a different story. Dee does not like crates and made that obvious very quickly. So, her foster family decided to give her a chance with freedom in the house, and they were not disappointed. Dee does not mind being left alone in the house, showing no separation anxiety. Her foster family was very pleased to find absolutely nothing disturbed the first time they left Dee alone for an hour. Time away was increased and there are no concerns at all leaving her alone. Right now, she needs to go out every few hours to relieve herself because of her Cushings, but this should improve now that she is receiving medication for that ailment. Dee spent a full day at the vet's office in a crate while she had tests run and the vet techs reported she was perfectly fine all day. When Dee needs to go out, she goes to the door to indicate her desire.

Dee loves to play ball and will bring the ball back and drop it for another throw every time! What a smart girl! It was very hot on her first day in foster care, but she insisted that her foster dad play ball with her in the yard for 15 minutes. Even though she must not be feeling very well with her skin condition, she still wanted to play! Dee also loves to go for walks, and, in keeping with the rest of her behavior, she walks very nicely on leash and does not pull at all. While her leash is hooked up, Dee will sit quietly and patiently. What lovely manners! She has only shown a passing interest in furry little critters seen on walks. In the car, Dee needs to be restrained as she tries to get into the front seat. She settles down quickly once she realizes she is secured.

Although Dee is never far from her foster dad, she is not pushy about seeking attention at this point, but that could be from her skin condition and just adjusting to life in a home again. She seems to enjoy a nice head scratch from her foster dad, though. Currently, her foster family does not have any resident dogs so Dee is an "only dog" at home. She has not met any canines on her walks as of yet, nor has she met any cats or children. When meeting adults, Dee is really shy. She comes over for a quick hello, but then walks away.

Coming into foster care around Independence Day when fireworks were booming all around, Dee was not fazed by the noise at all! Dee also does not seemed fazed by the adversity and ill health that she has experienced lately. She seems to know that her luck has changed as she is being nursed back to health and loved and cared for by her foster family who is preparing her for her new life to come. Watch for more on this sweet girl!