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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Daisy XII

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Entered: 09/22/2011
Status: Adopted
Age: 8
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 58 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Bedford, PA
Health: UTD, HW-, Lyme-, benefiting from a medication to assist with anxiety
Health Cont.: treatment for a urinary tract infection complete
Temperament: Good with people as young as eleven, good with visiting dogs, good with cats

Daisy XII's Story . . . 

Update 07/11/2013:  "Since Daisy really wants all the attention, she aspires to be her foster parents’ princess."

Daisy has moved to a new foster home with fewer canine companions.  She is now residing with just two resident dogs in her home.  She is playful with them, but can be possessive of toys and treats. There are no fights, just occasional grumblings. Since Daisy really wants all the attention, she aspires to be her foster parents’ princess; and a sweet princess is she.  Among her subjects are four resident cats, and she is wonderful with them.  Daisy is great with other dogs as visitors, but her foster mom believes that her ideal situation would be as the only dog in her adoptive home.

The UTI that was bothering Daisy has been successfully treated, so she’s undoubtedly feeling much better.  Using the stairs in her foster home has been a bit problematic for her.  They are rather steep, so Daisy is having difficulty navigating them.  A home with fewer steps would be best for her.

Daisy would love to be someone’s special princess. A home with some friendly kitties could be a good fit for her, too.  And Princess Daisy promises to be a benevolent ruler over her feline minions!

Update 05/27/2013:  "In her foster home Daisy has been a perfect guest and does well with the other dogs."

Miss Daisy came back to MAESSR because her adoption was just not the right fit. Her adoptive mom tried extremely hard to overcome this. Sometimes, though, it is in everyone's best interest to acknowledge things are not working and pave the way to find out what does work. Before her return Daisy's adoptive mom had taken her to a veterinary behaviorist who determined that Daisy had anxiety issues. She was started on an inexpensive medication and there have been wonderful changes in Daisy. Now everyone that meets Daisy calls her "HAPPY GIRL." She is a smiling sweetheart to all around her!

Upon her return Daisy visited her family’s vet and was found to have a major urinary tract infection. She was given an antibiotic for 2 weeks but that did not clear the infection. She is now on another antibiotic and will be closely monitored to ensure the infection clears this time.

In her foster home Daisy has been a perfect guest and does well with the other dogs. This beautiful flower is certainly going to blossom for some lucky family.

Update 12/02/2011:  "More good news for Daisy: her accidents have slowed to almost none!"

Daisy had a great time at Thanksgiving with her foster family and all of the guests. She even managed to get a hold of some pumpkin bread that she found sitting on the table. Hey, it was Thanksgiving……and no one was guarding it! During dinner, Daisy was banished to the outdoors which did not make her happy at all!

Thanksgiving wasn’t just about food. There were four canine guests to play with, too, which made for a grand total of seven dogs celebrating the holiday! Whew! Mom sure was busy, but Daisy was a good girl and played nicely with the entire pack.

With the help of her supplements, Daisy’s limp is much better. Although she still has some days when her hip bothers her a bit more, it doesn’t seem to slow her down in the least. This daisy is definitely no wall flower......she wants to be in the middle of it all!

More good news for Daisy: her accidents have slowed to almost none! Good girl! Her urinary tract infection is cleared and medication for incontinence has worked wonders. Her foster mom sees that her weight is going down and even the vet noticed a change. Continued weight maintenance, combined with Daisy’s two daily supplements, will be important for her well being. On this easy regimen, Daisy will continue to improve by LEAPS and BOUNDS!

According to her foster mom, Daisy is such a funny, funny girl who just makes her laugh! Ready for some giggles? Watch for Daisy to be “available” to one lucky family very soon!

Update 10/20/2011:  "In order to help Daisy learn the ropes and continue to make good choices, her foster mom cut a leash to a short length and attached it to her collar to keep her close."
 Daisy is making so much progress in her foster home! A quick study, she has discovered the dog bed! Daisy’s foster mom put one on the floor next to her bed in hopes of re-directing Daisy from the human bed. When foster mom got up in the middle of the night to conduct her nightly house check, guess who was sound asleep in the dog bed? Daisy AND the resident Pekinese! Good girl, Daisy!

Nightly walks are one of Daisy’s big pleasures, and she whines at the door around 7 PM each evening in anticipation. She also LOVES car rides! When her foster dad was home for a visit on leave, he was driving Miss Daisy frequently on many trips in the car. She was content to sit right next to her foster mom with a BIG smile on her face. This just made her foster dad laugh!

Countersurfing has been one of Daisy’s hobbies, but she is learning that this is unacceptable behavior. While her foster mom sees definite improvement in this area, Daisy, admittedly, has had a couple of setbacks when temptation struck. One involved snatching a sub sandwich from the table. The next transgression was lifting an entire loaf of bread from the counter when her foster dad’s back was turned. This baby girl loves her carbs! Since she’s not too keen on giving up the pilfered food, her family is working with her on dropping it without a fuss.

At PLANNED mealtimes, Daisy’s food intake has been controlled to assist her with a little weight loss. While she is not a fan of dieting, the results are showing. Daisy has lost 4 pounds this month and is on her way to a healthy weight that will make her look and feel marvelous!

In order to help Daisy learn the ropes and continue to make good choices, her foster mom cut a leash to a short length and attached it to her collar to keep her close. Well……Daisy thinks that this “short leash” is a fantastic toy! She puts it in her mouth and jumps around, putting on quite a show! Daisy’s foster mom and siblings think it is so cute to watch!

Daisy has had some trouble with intermittent incontinence. Additionally, her foster mom noticed that she limps after getting up from a rest. A visit to the vet uncovered a UTI which is being treated with an antibiotic. As for her hip pain, Daisy will need to take a high quality supplement that supports joint health for the rest of her life. This should provide her with significant comfort.

Daisy has come a long way in such a short time. This pretty flower is blossoming into quite a special companion!

Original:  "This playful girl interacts well with all of the members of the family, and would do well in a strong structured household."

When Daisy’s Pennsylvania family could no longer care for her due to their financial difficulties, they contacted MAESSR to find her a wonderful new family.

This seven year old is no shrinking violet! Daisy is not timid and loved everyone in her foster home right away. The youngest member in her foster family is an eleven year old child and Daisy does well with him. His original owner said that she is good with children as young as two, but her foster mother does not currently believe that having Daisy around such a young child is a good idea. Because Daisy loves to grab food from people, it might be a good idea not to have anyone younger than ten living in her forever home. Daisy’s foster mom is working with her on this behavior and she is making real progress. She is a sweet girl, but very strong and hefty at 74 pounds. She is good with other dogs, but has not met any cats at this time.

Daisy loves to play and can get a bit rough. She enjoys playing ball, but does not give it up easily. She play-growls which can be intimidating to those who do not know her. Although scary sounding, it is not a threatening behavior since she is wagging her tail the whole time. Having a strong, dominant owner in her forever home will be needed so Daisy does not take that role within her new family. She can be naughty and, if not given proper structure, will fall into some of her bad behaviors. Daisy resource guards her toys, so she should be watched when children are playing with her. She also guards high value treats so having them in the house might not be a good idea. She is starting to learn manners as far as some of her food issues go.

A real Velcro Springer with her foster mom, Daisy whines whenever mom leaves the room. She seems to attach herself to the main person of the household, and since her foster dad is currently deployed, Daisy’s focal point has been her foster mom. Foster dad came home for a short visit and Daisy LOVED him. She prefers to be anywhere where there are people and will calmly, happily lie next to them. Daisy does not jump up on the couch, but during her first night in foster care, she jumped up onto her foster mom’s bed! Her preference would be to sleep either there or on the floor next to her. Daisy does not seem to understand the concept of the dog bed, though. This girl is not inclined to bark at strangers but will go up to them to investigate them.

Housetrained, Daisy goes to the door when she needs to relieve herself. She does not like the crate and barks non-stop to be let out. For this reason, her foster mom does not put her in the crate and gives her free reign of the house. There have been no problems with this.

Daisy is very good in the car and enjoys looking out the window. When it comes to commands, she knows “sit,” “move,” “go lie down,” and “no,” but does not always listen. A very good leash walker, Daisy really enjoys being outside. She gets so excited about her walks that she pulls for the first 100 yards or so; then, she settles down and walks nicely. Daisy loves to run around outside and get dirty, but she is very good about having a bath. She was good for the groomer, too.

This playful girl interacts well with all of the members of the family, and would do well in a strong structured household. Sweet and adaptable, Daisy will do very well with any dog savvy family who will show her the love that she deserves. How about picking this Daisy for your family?