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Entered: 08/28/2013
Status: Rainbow Bridge
Age: 7
Color: Black/White
Weight: 60 lbs.
Gender: Altered Male
Location: Goochland, VA
Health: UTD, HW-, receiving treatment for intestinal worms
Temperament: Not suitable for adoption

Dart's Story . . .
Update 10/19/2013:  "Be free of all worries and run free, Dart!"
Often times, if there is concern over a dog's emerging behavior in one foster home, the dog is moved to another foster family for further assessment.  That decision was made for Dart.  He was sent to another dog-savvy foster home to further evaluate temperament issues.  Sadly with time there, it became clear that he was not suitable for adoption and was sent to the Bridge.
Be free of all worries and run free, Dart!
Original:  “Very polite on leash, Dart walks next to his foster mom and does not pull.”
Dart came to MAESSR from a shelter in Kentucky.  The reason for his relinquishment was due to an alleged biting incident.  Upon investigation, it was discovered that a young boy had been playing ball and Dart had jumped up; his toe nails had caused the scratch, not his teeth. 
That Dart had been accused of biting was a bit far-fetched, since this sweet boy has very few teeth!  His front teeth and canines are all worn down.  He has some back teeth for eating dry food, though.  The vet determined that the teeth that Dart still possesses are fine and have no nerve damage; there is no reason to extract them.  Dart’s rib area is very sensitive, so it’s possible that it’s the site of a past injury.  If he is touched in that area, he quickly turns his head to make sure no one is hurting him.
A big field-bred Springer, this sweet boy arrived at his foster home with the name Chops, which didn’t seem to fit him.  He was renamed Dart because it rhymes with the word heart. This big boy has a black heart shape on the left rear side of his body.  It’s a big, black heart that cannot be missed on his white, freckled body!  So Dart, he is.
Dart is housetrained and sleeps on a dog bed in the bedroom.  He has been trustworthy in the house, so he has not been crated. A low energy boy, if Dart starts to move around, his foster mom knows that he needs to go outside. He is quiet and does not bark.  He’s a smart boy, too, as Dart has learned the commands “sit” and “give paw” in only a few weeks, which he does prior to receiving meals or treats (he especially enjoys small rawhide strips.) He does not counter-surf, get into trash, get on furniture or chew inappropriately. What a good boy!
If his foster mom calls him, Dart will come when he’s in the house.  Outside is another story!  If he gets loose, he enjoys running and loping around the neighborhood for about 10 minutes, ignoring a call to return.  After his little jaunt, the scamp will walk right up his foster mom and then stroll into the house. A fenced yard would be advised for keeping this wanderer close.
Very polite on leash, Dart walks next to his foster mom and does not pull.  He also enjoys riding in the car.  He’s a Velcro boy who prefers to be by his foster mom’s side.  Sweet and quite submissive, Dart gets along well with other dogs.
Dart is looking for his forever home.  Since he loves children, a home with older children would suit him.  His foster mom thinks he might be an
excellent companion for an energetic puppy, too.  Are you ready for this big boy who wears his heart on his side?  It’s a big advertisement for all of the love he’ll share with you!