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  •  Three years ago, we made the best decision in deciding to adopt another ESS.  Zoey then came to us and is the BEST dog ever.  She is not only beautiful but so well behaved and is loved by everyone. We can't thank MAESSR and Debbie enough for giving us Zoey.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judy Minnick, NJ              

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Chloe 11

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Entered: 03/29/2014
Status: Adopted
Age: 11
Color: Liver/White
Weight: 60.4 lbs.
Gender: Altered Female
Location: Reisterstown, MD
Health: UTD, HW-, Lyme-, continuing medications to treat arthritis and to adjust thyroid levels,
Health Cont.: treatment for ear infections complete, some age-related hearing loss
Temperament: Good with adults, unknown with children, good with other dogs, good with cats

Chloe 11's Story . . .
Update 04/20/2014:  “A huge favorite is the long walk around the neighborhood and visiting the cat across the street.“                  
Recently Chloe went to the vet to have a thyroid panel done.  Results of the testing were very good, so she will remain on the same dose of medication.  She continues to receive half of her daily thyroid dose in the early morning and half in the evening.  She also is continuing the medication for arthritis.  It keeps her back end mobile and gives her the ability to do the stairs in her home several times per day.  Exercise also helps her mobility and, as with the medication, should be part of her daily routine.  Chloe had a slight lingering yeast infection in the ears which responded well to a five day treatment. Her ears are now clear and dry. Her current weight is 60.4 pounds, up from about 58 pounds. The original 49 pound weight was not correct, as she was not situated completely on the scale………a trick learned from her foster brother who is a bit overweight.                


Chloe continues to be an excellent house Springer and family member. She has eased her way into sitting on the comfy sofa chair, agreeing with the resident Springers that the sofa and comfy chairs are superior to the dog beds. Just like the residents, the dog beds are now for the toys and bones. She loves grooming…..baths, ears, teeth…..and she adores to be brushed.  A huge favorite is the long walk around the neighborhood and visiting the cat across the street. And the ultimate joy of the day is settling down next to her foster mom at night for hugs and ear rubs. Chloe also reports that evening treat time is fabulous!


This lovely lady looks forward to settling into her new adoptive home much as she has settled into her foster home. She will be a treasured addition to her new family. Ready for adoption, Chloe deserves a warm, loving, permanent furever home.
Original: “As well as being majestic in stature and presence, Chloe is also gracious with others—four legged and two.”

When her elderly Virginia owner could no longer care for Chloe, family members contacted MAESSR to find this beautiful, sweet-tempered Springer a wonderful new home.
As well as being majestic in stature and presence, Chloe is also gracious with others—four legged and two.  She interacts very well with other dogs, cats, and all people. She is very good meeting strangers outdoors, as well as with those visiting her household. In her foster home, Chloe resides peacefully with two resident Springers, an eight year old male who loves to resource guard his territory and a hyper two year old female who places toys at Chloe’s feet 24/7. Chloe has wisdom beyond her years, and handles these diverse residents very well. Also, Chloe has proven to be a Velcro Springer to her foster mom and is always right there wherever she goes.
Excellent in the house, Chloe is completely housetrained and will woof at the door to indicate the need for a trip outside.  On long work days, her foster mom has a dog walker stop by twice to walk and potty the two resident Springers and Chloe.  With this help, Chloe has managed to stay accident free.  With her lovely manners, she has the run of the house during the day along with the resident Springers.  Perfectly well-behaved, Chloe has no anxiety issues, does no inappropriate chewing, and does not engage in any form of destructive behavior. When the residents bark at the window, Chloe does add her voice to the chorus, though.  Chloe reports that the dog beds in her foster home are wonderful!  She loves her slumber ball dog bed and only gets up on the sofa by invitation.
Chloe loves meals, treats, petting, tummy rubs, and leash walks. She walks well on leash and enjoys exploring the outside. She is very cognitive of her environment. A typical Springer, her nose is constantly at work checking for birds, squirrels, and other interesting creatures.

This senior beauty has a moderate degree of age-related arthritis in the rear hip/leg region, but navigates flat surfaces well without signs of impairment. She entered foster care with long, thick toenails. Cutting her nails immediately improved her ability to navigate in general. She went from awkward stepping to walking with normal gait. Chloe is fine with climbing a few stairs, but does have difficulty with a full set of steps. She has morning and evening stiffness which makes climbing stairs a bit difficult. The use of a prescribed meds for pain has noticeably improved her strength and mobility.
Initially, Chloe’s ears were clogged with heavy wax. The vet carefully cleaned out clumps of wax and daily cleaning has improved her hearing and balance. She now holds her head up and does not exhibit discomfort upon having her ears touched.  The vet determined Chloe to be in good health for a senior ESS. Her vision is slightly impaired from a mild degree of age-related cataracts. She has a moderate degree of age-related arthritis in the rear hips/legs that responds well to a prescribed pain medication. Chloe also has a moderate degree of hearing impairment, but still does hear enough to interact with her environment and humans.  In her first week in foster care, Chloe learned several hand signals to supplement her hearing.  In her previous home, her vet had determined Chloe to have low thyroid levels. Her current vet will run blood work in three weeks after Chloe has had the several weeks of consistent administration of thyroid replacement drugs.
Chloe is great with grooming. The groomer reported that Chloe was an easy dog to groom, extremely sweet and cooperative. Chloe knows she looks fine with her precision Springer cut! Her foster mom has been able to brush Chloe’s teeth, clean her ears, and bathe her without any problems. She has appreciated the attention. And, if all those good marks aren’t enough, Chloe rides well in the car. She is also able to jump in and out on her own and sits well to get harnessed.
This senior girl will do best in a quiet household with a human who wants a full-time canine companion and whose house has a minimal number of stairs. Chloe loves to be with her human as much as possible, going for walks, cuddling with on the couch, getting tummy rubs, and just sitting next to while her person reads or watches TV.  This sweet Springer is still enjoying life and is a joy to have around.  Make her your own!