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  • Adopted Murdock in December 2006 when he was 10 Mos old. He has been the best boy ever! We just learned he has Lymphoma & are devasted. I can't imagine life without him & am hoping he responds well to treatment and lives many more months!!
  • Marie, PA
  • I lost my best friend, Evie, a year ago September. I adopted her in 2006, she was 2 years old. That sweet girl was the love of my life and I miss her dearly. Thank you MAESSR for bringing that beautiful dog into my life.
  • Carrie, VA

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    Entered: 02/14/2015
    Status: Adopted
    Age: 2
    Color: Black/White
    Weight: 40 lbs.
    Gender: Altered Male
    Location: Fairfax, VA
    Health: UTD, HW-, overall good health
    Temperament: Good with people as young as 8, good with both other dogs and cats

    Boo's Story . . .

    Original:  “Boo is totally and utterly obsessed with sticks.  He can catch anything and his foster parents have seen him jump great heights to catch his twig!”

    First things first!  This dog was incorrectly named.  He should have been called Tigger as "bouncing is what he does best!"  It is clear that A.A. Milne must have grown up with a Springer in his household!
    Boo came from a loving family in Maryland who realized that their busy lifestyle was not fair for this non-stop boy.  They just did not have the time to devote to him and it was with an exceedingly heavy heart that they passed him to MAESSR truly knowing that he would find a forever home fitting all his needs. 
    Fully housetrained, Boo uses the doggie door but will circle his humans to tell them he needs to go outside.  He is fully crate trained but generally sleeps in the sunroom with the other dogs.
    This bouncing ball of fun gets along with everyone he meets.  People as young as the 8 year old child in his foster home and their dogs and cats all are viewed as potential playmates to Boo.
    With his foster family’s help, Boo is learning proper house manners.  He has not been seen counter-surfing or showing any interest in the trash.  Good boy!  He has his favorite toy which he likes to sleep with but he has no guarding issues with that or food.  His foster family has been feeding him apart from the other dogs because eats a lot more slowly than they do and so it takes him longer to finish!
    Boo is also learning the basic commands and shows great intelligence along with a fabulous sense of humor!  He loves to go for walks and is good on a leash only pulling at first due to excitement and eagerness.  He loves the vet and rides well in the car.
    Now, it's time for honesty:  Boo has a serious addiction!  He is totally and utterly obsessed with sticks.  Big ones.  Small ones.  Minuscule ones.  He loves them all and will bring them to his people so that they can throw them for him to chase! Even a microscopic piece of wood the size of a splinter is proudly presented to foster family members so that they can throw it as high into the air as possible.  Boo can catch anything and his foster parents have seen him jump great heights to catch his twig!  He likes tennis balls too but nothing compares to twigs!
    Boo is a fantastic, fun-loving boy and will be the best pet ever to the right family who can give him the love, attention, playtime, and exercise he needs.