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  • Adopted Murdock in December 2006 when he was 10 Mos old. He has been the best boy ever! We just learned he has Lymphoma & are devasted. I can't imagine life without him & am hoping he responds well to treatment and lives many more months!!
  • Marie, PA
  • I lost my best friend, Evie, a year ago September. I adopted her in 2006, she was 2 years old. That sweet girl was the love of my life and I miss her dearly. Thank you MAESSR for bringing that beautiful dog into my life.
  • Carrie, VA

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    Entered: 09/15/2016
    Status: Adopted
    Age: 8
    Color: Liver/White
    Weight: 45 lbs.
    Gender: Altered Male
    Location: Goochland, VA
    Health: UTD, HW-
    Temperament: Good with people as young as 12 (younger unknown), good with other dogs, unknown with cats

    Bert's Story . . .

    Original:  “When he goes on a leash walk, Bert pulls a little initially but then settles down and walks nicely.”

    Bert was pulled from a Virginia shelter with his daughter, Cedar.  Their owner had turned them in because they kept running the neighborhood. MAESSR immediately agreed to bring these two sweet babies into our program.

    When he was in the shelter, Bert was attacked by another dog and was bitten all over his body.  Now his bite wounds have healed and his coat is starting to grow back in from where he was shaved down to ensure all the wounds were clean.  Because of this experience, Bert is a bit hesitant around other dogs, but he is in no way aggressive towards them.

    This sweet boy loves to be with people and get attention.  He is housetrained and crate trained.  At bedtime and when it is time for a nap, Bert likes to have a nice soft bed to sleep on.  With good house manners, he has not tried to counter-surf and has not displayed any inappropriate behavior in his foster home.  Good boy, Bert!

    When he goes on a leash walk, Bert pulls a little initially but then settles down and walks nicely.  He also likes to ride in the car and is a good passenger.

    If you are looking for a sweet boy to hang out with you, Bert should be your first choice!