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Customer Testimonials
  • Adopted Jerry on 2/25/15. He is a neat five year old with a lot of personality.We are adjusting well as he has some separation issues but is getting better. Waiting for better weather to have more outdoor fun.He is my truck Buddy and rides really well.Thanks to all the MAESSR folks for; all they do.
    O J Smith, VA
  • It broke my heart to have to give up my Zara, but sometimes life throws you curve balls. MAESSR was gracious enough to foster her and find her a new home. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her, but I know she will be bring joy to her new family. God bless those folks who open their hearts and homes to help these awesome dogs.
    Danielle, PA
  • We are twice blessed, obviously with Bailey, who has a lovely nature and is fitting in smoothly..we heal as we welcome her, remember, then make room for joy! Thank you for putting the pieces together so expertly. WE are so very appreciative for your insights and outreach.
    in Springer loyalty, Judy
  • Aug 2012, I lost my heart dog Sebastian, adopted from MAESSR in 2003. Then along came Nick to rescue me.It it now 2 years and he is a perfect fit for us. He has given us much joy and I can't imagine our home without him. MAESSR does a fantastic job of matching up families with the appropriate dog.Thanks to all the MAESSR volunteers for all you do.
    Nick, PA
  • Thanks MAESSR, for all the support with our adoption of Molly Marie on 10/20/12, her subsequent passing on 10/20/13 from cancer and our adoption of Tip on 1/20/14. Tip has filled our lives with joy and love after losing Molly girl and become his little sister Daisy the Beagle's buddy. Thank you for all you do to save these pups, finding them special forever homes. We're blessed to be part of the MAESSR family!
    Jerry & Linda Shope, PA
  • After losing our beloved Chelsea of 14 years in April, we knew that in time we would bring a rescue dog into our home. Two weeks later we adopted Fiona and Freckles. They have given us a new lease on life and healed our broken hearts. As MAESSR volunteers, we knew what a good job they do finding the perfect "furever" homes for dogs in their care, now we are the lucky recipients of that expertise! Thank you MAESSR.
    Geraine & Vern, VA
  • Eight years ago we adopted a senior Springer named "Buddy" from MAESSR. Last week, at age 16, we had to say good bye to our special boy and send him to Rainbow Bridge. We have heavy hearts and miss Buddy dearly but we have been blessed to have him as part of our family. We encourage anyone considering adoption to look to a wonderful senior Springer! Thank you MAESSR for all you do. "Bud Boy," you will forever be in our hearts.
    Jayne Huston, PA
  • We adopted Montgomery (a.k.a Montie),full of love and still acts like a pup. Loves to go for walks and find puddles to lay down in.  He asks permission to come up on the bed at night by scratching the side of the bed before leaping up. His favorite .. ice cubes! Discovering the Atlantic Ocean this summer he tried to drink it, bad idea as he later found out. He has run of the house while we are at work and is very well behaved. Thanks MAESSR!
    Virginia, PA
  • We recently adopted Han and he is such a sweetheart; worth the wait! Kudos to the MAESSR volunteer for so willingly devoting their time and efforts into finding the right match! We're looking forward to many fun years with this sweet Velcro boy!!
    Nancy, NC
  • My husband and I adopted 9 year old Kirby just last week, and we are already in love. What a sweetheart! Thanks to MAESSR for saving this guy after his original owner passed away- he is bringing a lot of joy to us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Cynthia Bettinger, VA
  • In 2005, I adopted Charlz, the Springer Love-of-my-life.  Charley was with me constantly when I was home and as good as gold when I wasn't. He'd sit at the window waiting for me to come home from work. Who knew he could tell time? Charley passed away on Mother's Day this year and I look for him still every day at that window. Kate Gove, NJ
Customer Testimonials
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About Us

Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue (MAESSR) is a non-profit volunteer organization devoted to the rescue and placement of stray, abandoned, relinquished or impounded purebred English Springer Spaniels. MAESSR provides foster care and medical treatment to these Springers while screening potential homes interested in adopting. Our primary goals are to protect English Springer Spaniels, promote spay/neuter programs, and educate the public about the joys of English Springers Spaniels.

MAESSR was formed in May of 1998 by three admirers of the English Springer Spaniel breed.  There have been many, many successes, and our share of loss and disappointment, fortunately, with the help of our wonderful volunteers, other rescue organizations and those who have generously donated funds, we have grown and continue to thrive.


Where Are We?

Our primary focus is on the mid-Atlantic region of the continental United States, including: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.


Why Do We Do It?

It's basic, we love the breed. We all own Springers and several of us have our own rescue Springers. We want to do our part to ensure that abandoned and surrendered Springers are united with new loving homes. We welcome new volunteers, who can help us in many ways. Donations to help defray the cost of vet bills, food, and care of foster dogs, are also appreciated. While we do have an adoption fee, the dogs listed in these pages are not for sale. Prospective owners must complete an application and be interviewed by a MAESSR volunteer, before being considered for adoption.

If you know of a Springer in need of a home, or are looking to add a Springer to your family, or are interested in volunteering with MAESSR, please contact one of the volunteers listed below.

If at any point you find that you are no longer in need of our help in finding a dog or placing a dog, please let us know. We are a volunteer organization with limited time and resources. Our time is best spent focusing on people and dogs who truly need our help. Please, help us to help others by taking just a few minutes to email or call if you no longer need our help. Thanks!

For regular information on what MAESSR is doing; to learn more about English Springer Spaniels and Rescue, or ask questions about MAESSR specifically, join our mailing list by sending an email to: Our Yahoo Group.

If you have limited e-mail access, or if you know of a Springer in need, you can contact MAESSR by telephone at 301/362-0423 or you can always email us at MAESSR.