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2018 Reedville,Virginia Springerfest

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Your Price: From $8.00 to $10.00

            Reedville Springerfest 2018
 Time 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

Picnic and fun for MAESSR Friends, Families and Volunteers  
  MAESSR store! 
  CGC testing!
  Chinese Aution!
  Blaise's Famous Lunch (humans)!
  Socializing (humans &
  Trivia!  Swimming for dogs & people on the beach!  
  Lots of Fun!

 This year there will be "The Bubbies" (aka the Bubba Awards) In celebration of 20 years of MAESSR and to honor our boy Bubba's love of picnics, a new special event has been added to the 2018 Reedville Picnic. "The Bubbie's", Bubba was always "up to no good", constantly looking for his next big successful strike somewhere in the house. He spread toilet paper from the bathroom to the kitchen, was a pro trash diver and counter surfer. He loved to chew Kleenex. At bed time his treat dance was said to have been able to win Dancing with the Stars, and he could snore up a storm. 

If you have/have had one of these silly fun loving MAESSR pups you know what we are talking about, they always keep you on your toes and brimming with happiness. 

All MAESSR adoptee's over the last 20yrs are welcome to enter, please send photo's, messages describing the dog to include: Owner name, adddress, dogs name, year adopted, Entry Category and a short paragraph about daily life with your Springer. You do not need to be present to win. Categories for awards are listed below. Submissions should be received no later than August 24th, 2018 and sent to

Winners will be announced at the Reedville Picnic September 15, 20

                           Entry Categories

 Best Trash Diver Best Counter Surfer
 Best Tissue Stealer Best Treat Dance
 Best Under Bite            Best Wiggle, Butt        
 Best Fetcher                  Best Couch Potatoe
 Best Talker                    Best Snoring
                  Best Senior Dog

The Details!
• Price per person is $10.00 or $8.00 for MAESSR volunteers and their family (includes admission & box lunch) –
registration in advance is required!
• Payment can be made
Best Senior Dog via the Marketplace or send a check no later than Sept 9th: MAESSR,  PO Box 807
   Goochland, VA 23063
• When registering, please provide your name and names of guests, names of the dogs you may be bringing and if
adopted from MAESSR – their adoption year.
• A yearly highlight is our Chinese Auction. If you would like to donate an item to add to the auction just let us know.   
• Want to volunteer to help at the picnic?  Please let us know, there are plenty of jobs to be done.
• Deadline for registration – Paypal or mail is Sept 9th, 2017
 • You need to bring non-alcoholic beverages, chair, and dog supplies (e.g. water, treats, leash, and towels if your dog
likes water!)  Dogs must be leashed at all times, even when swimming.
• Questions, please contact Deb Sell-Pugh <>

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